IDLV Expands Client Benefits By Consolidating Fin-Tech And The Blockchain

IDLV Project Overview

IDLV is a biological system participation application and Internet stage. They center on premium conveyance and fix of vehicles. IDLV have a vital collusion with ANTERIN ( for maintaining its business. ANTERIN is a fledgling organization that gives premium vehicles and bikes all through Indonesia. ANTERIN clients are furnished with IDLV to utilize ANTERIN administrations.

IDLV expands client benefits by consolidating Fin-Tech and the blockchain in the quickly developing O2O advertise in Indonesia.

They additionally complete nourishment conveyance administration and vehicle call administration in Indonesia. IDLV (Membership Token) is increased (mined) by utilizing Anterin’s administrations and furthermore can be acquired legitimately from a square chain trade.


IDLV will likely augment the accommodation of its clients by consolidating Fintech innovation and square chain innovation in the dangerously becoming on the web O2O (Online to Offline) advertise in Indonesia.

In the Internet applications or stages that utilizations IDLV as a participation; every shopper can be remunerated with IDLV token for pay and individual data, for example, age, sex, instructive foundation, and even exercises on the Internet.

Web organizations dependent on enormous scale capital forces at no expense to create benefits are utilizing people’s data and Internet exercises.

Showcasing methodologies and commercials, which were elite to the huge scale Internet organizations, are additionally accessible at little scale traders.

In the Delivery I biological system, concentrated data for huge partnerships is decentralized, besides, a common environment will be made where every single individual movement on the Internet can be remunerated.

Uniqueness of the stage

Offer our benefit through Cash-back Points

We will share our benefit to our individuals through “Money back Points”. Individual’s advantage will be boosted with Cash-back Points, which can be utilized for obtaining assortment products and enterprises.

Sharing Economy

IDLV is an enrollment token. In the event that you utilize Anterin’s administrations, you will get Anterin participation (IDLV).

The customer can exchange the procured IDLV on a Block-chain trade or hold it to gain more Cash-back focuses.

Smaller scale Financing

Regardless of whether you don’t have enough money, you can prepay Anterin’s administrations with your IDLV. Prepaid framework boosts buyer comfort.

IDLV Token

IDLV is the Membership Token of “Anterin” which does nourishment conveyance administration and vehicle call administration in Indonesia. IDLV (Membership Token) is increased (mined) by utilizing Anterin’s administrations and furthermore can be obtained straightforwardly from a square chain trade. When you have an Anterin Membership, you will appreciate the accompanying advantages.

Contingent upon your participation level, you will be given different advantages, for example, money back focuses and travel vouchers. Notwithstanding Anterin’s administrations, money back focuses can be utilized for an assortment of utilization exercises through the Internet shopping center connected to Anterin’s App.

On the off chance that money is incidentally deficient with regards to, you can prepay utilizing your participation as guarantee.

Participation can be unreservedly moved and gained from a square chain trade, so it has a straightforward worth contrasted with the general enrollment.

Token Distribution


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