The blockchain technology is more than Bitcoins which you buy and sell to get profit. It can touch our daily lives. It can bring social change. It can benefit everyone in the ecosystem.

I want to share blockchain projects that are applied in our daily lives and bring returns to participants.

Think about the existing online platforms that take data that we contributed to gain profit for themselves. Not. Fair.

So here it goes.

Most People Don’t Believe Companies Are Keeping Their Data Safe

As technology evolves, an increasing amount of our personal data is being given to companies and stored in dubious digital archives. If in years past your medical history was something that was known by you, your doctor, and maybe your insurance company, nowadays potential employers, financial institutions, and even random hackers could get a hold of that information and cause problems for you in life. Securing data should be a priority for companies all across the board if they are truly concerned about the welfare of their customers.

Most people in the U.S. don’t believe that companies can keep their data private with only 20% completely trusting the organizations with which they interact. 10,000 people were surveyed online by the Harris Poll. Results from the poll include 62% of people being worried about being hacked in the next five years and 60% thinking that “the bad guys are winning over the good guys in the cybersecurity war”.

Other research from Gigya, which polled 4,000 adults in the U.S. and U.K., shows that 68% of consumers are worried about how brands use their personal data and 69% worry about security and privacy related to Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

It’s undeniable that Internet technology is all over our lives these days. Whether or not we feel that we can trust the services we use isn’t really something we feel we have a choice in when using them since analog alternatives are becoming few and scarce. We feel that we just have to risk it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. For all of the data out there, there are, indeed, security solutions, too. The future of our digital existence will depend on finding and utilizing those security solutions. This is something that IDM is dedicated to with its post-quantum SIZE technology. Imagine having your data protected by the most secure protection method available.

Staying Safe from Internet Stalkers

Chances are you have probably Googled someone at least once. Whether it be a new business contact, crush, or celebrity, chances are that the Internet has provided you with some kind of information on that person. It’s quite an interest age that we live in, but it can also be a little bit scary and even dangerous as cyberstalking can lead to a number of problems ranging from cyberbullying to identify theft.

If you have an online presence, which, chances are you do if you are reading this, what can you do to stay safe from these digital predators? The Guardian has a number of suggestions and while some of them (like deleting your social media account or avoiding certain cloud services) is quite simple to implement, others come across as being a bit complicated (like using encryption tools).

Encryption sounds like something geared towards computer programmers and not regular users. The truth is that if we want to keep our files safe, especially those that we are sharing over networks, it is crucial. There are a number of free encryption programs available, but, as a rule, you should be wary of any programs you can download on the Internet for free.

Keeping on that note, there is also loads of free cloud storage out there. These services are growing in popularity as users demand access to their files in one place for storing, editing, and sharing, is also hard to avoid. Again, there’s no such thing as free online security, so you never know who might end up hacking into your files. From DDoS attacks to Ransomware, the threats are out there, and protection is needed now more than ever.

IDM’s SIZE technology rewrites digital content as packages of digital files and offers the post-quantum security that businesses and individuals today need.
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