IIoT is a decentralized specialized software on the Blockchain, which allows one to gather information from numerous “smart” IIoT devices, saves these data in the Blockchain, processes the data according to the special algorithms. The information may be send to separate external customer’s business support system (OSS / BSS), and provide visualization

IIoT Telecom Company which stands for Industrial Internet of Things Telecom, the plan is to provide a lot of Services of Industrial Internet of Things on the Blockchain in the Whole World. The core business of the company includes two components. One is the decentralized IIoT Platform and the other is the wireless network LoRaWan, based on equipment of its own design. IIoT Platform – decentralized specialized software on the Blockchain allows to gather information from numerous “smart” IIoT devices, saves these data in the Blockchain and processes the data according to its special algorithms.


To create an international innovative Company, whose technology and information solutions will allow to improve existing business processes of companies and people’s daily lives through the implementation of the products of the Industrial Internet of Things.

The equipment prototypes of LoRaWAN standard and IIoT Platform software on the Blockchain have been in development since 2016. The prototypes of the LoRAWAN devices, and the alpha version of IIoT Platform are being developed as we speak. The company has no plans to invent a new mechanism of the decentralization IIoT Platform.

IIoT Telecom focus will be on programming, algorithms and visualization services for Clients, and the decentralization IIoT Platform on the Blockchain will perform through technologies that have already been invented in earlier startups (like SONM or EOS). Thus, we will see one of the first real products on the Blockchain. IIoT Telecom will produce the industrial LoRaWAN devices on the partner’s factories. This reduces the initial investment to enter the market of Industrial Internet of Things considerably.


The goal is getting the profits through the Services of Industrial Internet of Things in the global market. Capturing nothing less than 0,0022% of the global market share of the Internet of Things.


Name: IIoT Telecom

Ticker: I2

Based on Ethereum

Pre-ICO : 19th of February, 2018.

ICO : 19th of March, 2018.

I2 Coin = 0,1$. During the ICO for any cryptocurrency or Fiat,the price will be recalculated on the current exchange rate to USD. The price of the token on the ICO will depend on the volume of BTC/ETH.


  • First ten-day period – bonus 30%
  • Second ten-day period – bonus 20%
  • Third ten-day period – bonus 10%


  • 10% OFF for purchase from $900 to $3,000
  • 20% OFF for purchase from $3,001 to $9,999.

Token Distribution

Advantages for Investor

  • Simple Services

Our services are simple and benefits are clear to any person/company. To connect them do not need programmers and engineers. Just buy a ready kit and install.

  • Own Currency I2 Coins

To pay for the Industrial Internet of things Services our Clients will use our I2 CryptoCoins. They will buy them on the crypto currency exchange. Investors will sell.

  • Endless Market

The capacity of the market of the Internet of things at the end of 2025 – 85 billion devices worldwide. So the growth potential is just limitless at the moment.

  • I2 CryptoCoins Grow with the Company

Our company receives the payment in I2 Coins. Accordingly, we are most interested in the growth of the cost of our currency. Due to the huge number of the connected IIoT devices, it will be the high turnover and the rising cost of our I2 CryptoCoins.

  • The Lifelong Payment of Remuneration

We pay lifetime compensation to any person in I2 Cryptocoins, which led the Client to our IIoT Platform. The remuneration is paid in the amount of 5% of monthly Customer payments and to pay as long as the Customer pays for the service.

  • Additional Profit

Want more and you feel the energy? Buy exclusive franchise of our company on the region/city and directly affect to the revenue. The franchise can be resold to third parties subject.

Road Map

The Team

More Info
Website : https://iiot.tel/

Whitepaper : https://iiot.tel/wp-iiot.pdf

Promo : https://iiot.tel/promo-iiot.pdf

Business Plan : https://iiot.tel/bp-iiot.pdf

Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/iiottel/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/iiottel

Ann Threads BTT : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2907326

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