IIOT – Industrial IOT Telecom on The Blockchain

IIoT Telecom is planning to be First in IIoT.

Where IoT is applied today
IoT involves domestic use — the technology tries to provide maximum comfort for the user. IoT can serve a very wide range, IoT is often called: travel’s Internet, taxi’s Internet, technologies’ Internet and etc. These ecosystems typically use low-cost end devices and applications.
It is confirmed by the following developments:

Principle of operation of the Protocol Tangle — IOTA has done a good job in security and deep development of interaction and microtransactions nodes as “each other” on the basis of PoW;
IOTA has tried to solve the speed problem of micropayments, which is vital in the IoT.
However, such interaction is really necessary for IoT, but it is not vital for IIoT. In IIoT, the interaction takes place” Everyone — IIoT Platfotm”, and all of the above benefits are not quite needed. In this case, if IIoT Platform is decentralized, the interaction of each sensor/meter occurs only with one of the components of the decentralized IIoT Platform.

IIoT application areas
The main value of using the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) is achieving maximum energy efficiency of any production or urban network. In other words, the calculation is based on the direct cost of optimization through the use of technology.

The direction of IIoT is completely focused on the tasks of the Industry and its specific branches, such as, for example, municipal lighting systems, smart animal husbandry, diagnostics of pipe breakout and etc.

First of all, IIoT is the interaction of sensors that control the operation of equipment in the production, during the processing of raw materials or, for example, during oil production at the tower. The key to this definition is the autonomy of devices and their ability to transmit data independently, without human intervention. For this reason, devices such as smartphones and tablets cannot be included in this segment. As noted earlier, the data is not sent each-other (IoT), but each-IIoT Platform (IIoT).

The result of applying the IIoT:

The total percentage of defects is reduced;
Improves the efficiency of the process chain, production lines;
It is possible to carry out better process monitoring;
You can more clearly trace the chain of product creation and optimize the process of the production line;
Reduced costs;
Increases the comfort of living in cities.
In terms of technology, the Industrial Internet includes the following components:

Devices and sensors capable of recording events, collecting, analyzing and transmitting data over the network.
Communication — network infrastructure that combines heterogeneous communication channels — mobile, satellite, wireless and fixed.
Platform for the Industrial Internet of things, designed for device control and communication, applications and Analytics. In this case, the platforms should include the development environment and it security solutions.
The company IIoT Telecom plans to provide the service IIoT based on the IaaSB service — Infrastructure-AS-A-Service on the Blockchain. As part of a solution — wireless network LPWAN, decentralized IIoT Platform on the Blockchain and a large variety of sensors.

At the same time, IIoT does not need a high speed of payment delivery. Payments can take place upon the provision of services, or even once a month.

The advantages of using the IIoT
Efficient production is impossible with separate operation of sensors: Industrial Internet of things on Blockchain from IIoT Telecom allows you to collect all the information and optimize any production process.

Thanks to IIoT, it is possible to connect all sensors into a single network, collect and analyze information from different stages of production simultaneously, which will increase its efficiency and reduce the number of defects.

Another possibility of IIoT is the monitoring of the state of the environment in the immediate vicinity of production. While previously the main task was to obtain data on what is happening in the production itself, the new requirements also involve compliance with environmental standards. Here applications IIoT almost limitless.

Together with the appearance of IIoT, it is possible to see what is happening with the environmental parameters. For example, IIoT allows you to measure indicators such as humidity, pollution and the composition of the atmosphere, as well as other parameters within the range of human production activities.

IIoT Telecom develops its solutions, initially focusing on the standards and needs of IIoT.

It is vital to ensure the development of correct algorithms for processing the collected data, the preparation of specific solutions to improve production on the basis of these data. Things like speed of payments and algorithms of interaction of the system components go into the background.
Ivan Petek, CEO

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