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After familiarizing with the new and prospective blockchain based project I made a decision to write my own review on it. To begin with, I should say that I got acquainted with iLink2Music on the advice of my close friend, who works in the field connected with IT – world, so it was interesting for me to listen to the man who understands computer science much better than me.

Token-based technology looked attractive enough, which only compensated my desire to use this platform. Let’s start.


1. The ELINK Token. For new users, who don’t understand what I’m talking about: ELINK is a EOSIO compliant digital token, which was created by iLink2Music Team and is its official token. Its main plus is that it allows an individual to secure access to the Voting Platform that bans contest results falsification and provides an end-user with fair and just outcome.

2. Open and trustworthy token allocation, which shows all ultimate token spendings up. It gives the customer a clear picture where all the total earnings / expenses will go.

3. Comfortable use and even non – professional user will easily learn how to feed this resource down (for instance creating user profile, getting some information from advisors or even celebrities. Not so convenient for investors, but I would like to speak about it later.

4. Well worked out determining system (likes, retweets, shares), which allows you to measure and find out your successful moments & failures or areas, where you have to improve your product. It may be very useful for you if you want to build your own career and watch statistics.

5. The platform builds recommendations based on your previous listenings and likes. It prevents covert, paid and commercial promotion of music you don’t like or don’t want to listen to. The same system is used on various popular streaming services you know and use.

6. Company has clear and rather aggressive plan of growth and its own direction where they want to go to. I am glad to see it as I understand you have a certain potential to develop.

7. Last, but not the least – the website is designed in interesting and pleasurable for reading way. It serves to attract more clients and generally, the site looks pretty good.

8. I like ILink2Music developers and ideal influencers for creating an exotic and unique platform that truly unites and connects different people from distant corners of our world, but with the same interests and preferences concerning music.


1. The system of token (blockchain) investment looks attractive, but it’s rather difficult for some people to understand, as it requires special knowledge in computer sciences and especially in sphere of cryptocurrency.

You can learn more about this project if you read their Whitepaper.


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