an ever-expanding social media platform for musical entertainment, based on blockchain technology,

Welcome my dear readers. And here comes the long-awaited vacation and now I’m ready to introduce you to an interesting project. To do this, I will publish the most promising project in my opinion. And you read, think, and make decisions for yourself.
iLink2Music is an ever-expanding social media platform for music entertainment, based on blockchain technology, bringing together artists, executives and music lovers around the world, regardless of their age, experience, race or belief.
iLink2Music will allow you to create user profiles that showcase your talents or experiences in the entertainment business (artist, producer, professional, technician or fan) to sign up for competitions, receive and win exclusive prizes.
 Each participant will have an opportunity within the community to find what he is looking for in this world, and it may be possible to reveal his talents that will be examined by the authorities in their field; thus, turning parts of the platform into an exclusive global online community based on the same principles as some major music TV shows with successful international growth.
Contact with listeners: what do they say? What kind of content do they find interesting? What is the best format of content that the audience is using?
Content will be created based on areas of interest drawn from phase one. In general, content must be relevant, useful, interesting, and rich in information.
Measurements of communication by tracking “likes”, “shares”, “re-tweets”, “clicks” etc., so you can easily determine success, failure, and improvement fields; most importantly, what kind of content suits You are a present.
Continuous training. Measuring results is useless if you are not working on errors. The purpose of measurement is not only to understand what happened in the past, but also to determine the future. Only then can you set up a strategy and try to get more attention.
There is a high demand for company services;
The company has a strong professional management team;
The company has a solid and aggressive growth plan;
The company has a unique social media platform in blockchain.
Token is the official symbol of the iLink2Music platform. This token will allow individuals or organizations to grant access to the IL2Voting platform and its features to successfully work with contest celebrities / influencers and secondary actions (ads, shows, sponsors, etc.). IL2Voting provides an opportunity for competition.
He manages to increase himself in combination with public blockchain public sidename for additional validation using anonymization scheme of voters and proof of mathematical proof.
 All of these are included with the ELINK token.
2% will be allocated for personal sales with a 12-month transition period of
40% token will be published publicly.
15% will be allocated to project management, main developer and founder with endowment period for 12 months.
7% will be allocated to consultants with 3 month validity.
3% will be distributed among users during bounty and referral programs.
The remaining 22.85% will be provided for business development, user growth and future market expansion.
Bonus Token 10,15% (remaining tokens will be added to backup.)
  • 1LINK = $ 0.005
  • Problem: 10,000,000,000 ELINKS
  • Minimum amount = $ 50 USD
  • Maximum amount = $ 50,000 USD
  • Currency received: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, DASH, ETC, NEO, Qtum, TRX, ZEC, as well as payments via PayPal.


2% will be allocated to personal sales with a vesting period of 12 months
40% token will be released to the public.

15% will be allocated to project management, core developers and founders with a vesting period of 12 months.
7% will be allocated to our advisor with a 3 month vesting period.
3% will be shared with our users during our bounty and referral program.
The remaining 22.85% will be a reserve for business development, user growth, and future market expansion.
10:15 Token Bonus (The remaining tokens will be added to the backup.)


The PRE-ICO stage (10% of total) = 1,000,000,000 ELINKS.
Public ICO phase (30% of total) = 3,000,000,000 ELINKS.
Softcap: $
3.5 million Hardcap: $ 21,000,000
More information at:
Eth Address: 0xF9BC056454948A5D645c86708243A9C7d9578334

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