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Today’s discussion on digital content and advertising, the benefits gained exclusively by large companies, Image Protect’s decentralized creation platform opens huge opportunities to every project content:


Image Protect is a corporate-based platform and content rights blockchain. With that help, creators, from publishers to advertisers, can protect, manage, and monetize images and digital media in general. The platform revolves around IPShare, an embedded image ad format that gives every image an identity, making it easy to track online.

Protecting the image has become the fastest growing visual artist community with a focus on copyright protection. With a combination of advanced image search technology, online protected image and protected image formats, IPShareTM, with a growing platform of over 450,000 members, protects the beginning of image protection and leads worldwide copyright creation worldwide.

How Can You Protect Images Work…

Image Protect wants to combine several features, such as IPShare, IPChain, IPTrack, Post Usage Licensing, and real-time image data analytics to deploy IPMarket – a blockchain-based market where users can protect their images and operate with them in a secure way. According to the company’s roadmap, the latter will be launched in the first quarter of 2019. Currently, there are seven easy steps in image protection procedures supported by the company:

 – As a user, you can upload images to the Image Protect portal;

– Image is automatically converted to IPShare format;

– The system scans the web to find out if there are any matches of your images, even edited images through various software programs;

 – The system filters each search result;

 – You can review the findings and check any unauthorized use of your images. If you find some, you can click “submit case,” and the Image Protect team will initiate a settlement on your behalf;

– The system will automatically collect evidence and will send notification to commercial infringers who use your image;

– The Image Protect team will collaborate with entities from a global network of legal experts to ensure you get a recovery fee.

This intelligent system is designed to significantly reduce the case of image theft, which is widespread today. In fact, out of more than a trillion licensed images on the Internet, about 70% are not authorized by copyright owners, reports by Getty Images and Artist Exchange Alliances expire.

Image Security introduces a revolutionary new digital licensing model, IPShare TM. Currently, the security picture sends a standard DMCA permission notice to your internet service provider or hosting company to remove the original image. With the launch of the new IPShareTM technology, website owners need to change this image with images converted into iPShareTM-insertable format.

Image Security creates a global decentralized copyright listing for digital content that verifies users and supports intellectual property to make digital content management universally accessible. Smart agreements open existing license rights to digital assets, which can be used, transferred, or modified by the manufacturer’s buyers or photos for them. Blockchain is used for legal proof of registration and breach of secure ownership transactions that can not be denied or amended later.

Image Security Lock Service
Monitor IPTRAC Global Internet Image
Image Protect has created advanced image detection and web crawlers looking for images and metadata quickly and accurately so it can be seen that images are displayed online. When uploading an image automatically, continue to crawl the crawler and the Internet. The software then filters, gives and collects all relevant data from all websites obtained with the help of customer images. Customer may exclude domains from new, licensed, invalid, or further searches.

Image Security introduces a revolutionary new digital licensing model, IPShare TM. Instead of sending information to DMCA standards for your ISP or hosting company, we ask the website owner to replace the current image (JPEG or Poison) with images converted into TM-insertable IPShare format. It’s as easy as copying and pasting images into a user’s website template.

Standard DMCA removal
Each content owner has the right to process permission notices against website owners and / or online service providers (such as ISPs, hosting companies, etc.) if content owner properties are found online without their permission. For non-commercial infringement, Image Security has developed an automated system for DMCA permission notification directly to the online service provider. Once the unauthorized content is removed, the case is closed and they get no further information.

Change Image IPShareTM
As an alternative to the removal of standard DMT notices, Aipisheyrtim security technology images were developed: in-picture advertising, hot links, interactive online image formats with social sharing and dynamic messaging. It is not possible to download screenshots of this format or steal images. With this new model we can sell image ads, where we share revenue share with the manufacturer. This model works with the Takedown DMCA report, but instead of requesting content removal, we ask to replace the image with its own embed code image.

The new market for digital images complies with the adoption of a decentralized list of authors around the world. Current digital asset licenses to set standards for digital content copyright management with smart contracts to make formal, give them Maker or ease Photo usage by buyer, moved or modified. This in turn improves profit for creators and reduces consumer spending while they get more product opportunities.

Terms of Sale

Token & Presale Website:

Token Symbol: Token IMAGE

Standard: Ethereum ERC-20

Maximum amount of IMAGE issued: 600,000,000 Available

more IMAGE to sell: 339.7 million

IMAGE Price: $ 0.10 or 1 IMAGE = 0.0002 USD

Target Cap:
Softcap: 1,500,000 USD

Hardcap: 30,000,000

Cryptocurrency received: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP)

Sales Details

Start Date Token Presale presale: April 15, 2018

Presale end date: May 15, 2018

Token available in presale: 190.500.000 Presale discount

: Up to 30% IMAGE fee

Presale 1 – (April 15, 2018): 72 million token @ 30% discount @ .07

Presale 2 – (April 23, 2018): 62.500.000 token @ 20% discount @ .08

Presale 3 – (May 4, 2018): 56 million token @ 10% discount @ .09

Public Sales Token Details

Start date of token sale: May 15, 2018

End date of token sale: June 15, 2018

Token available in public sale: 149.200.000 @ .10


The main focus of Image Protect is in the global online ad market using our IPShare ™ technology. Statista estimates the Ad market is likely to stand at more than $ 227 billion globally. This figure could rise more than 46 percent to $ 332 billion within four years. One thing most observers are sure is that the digital ad market will not show any signs of saturation in the future.



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