Intra-African Trade and Finance Platform

ImpalaCoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency that empowers Impala’s banks or financial networks. This project built a crypto bank which included transactional trade and finance. The main targets are informal paper cross-border trade, international SMEs, international supply chain support agencies, and e-commerce businesses.

ICM uses blockchain technology that is supported by POS or proof of ownership, where cryptocurrency networks can be distributed. This POS-based cryptocurrency creates the next block chosen based on random selection and wealth, i.e. pegs. The advantage, POS does not require power and high performance as in Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, ImpalaCoin can provide Android-powered blockchain POS so that it can launch trading activities such as buying, selling, and receiving crypto payments using Mobile payments and cards.

The goal  that can be achieved by ICM is to become a pioneering and main cross-border trade crypto currency, which enables international trade between Africa & between Africa and its trading partners.

What is very important for this purpose is to launch the Crypto Bank or Financial network on the biggest Blockchain offline and online economic ecosystem network in the world. Banks or financial networks will be interrelated and can be operated with the Bank, cellular money purses, crypto currencies, payment service providers, sales agent payments, postal companies assisted by cellular sales points and partner terminals.

The Potential of the ImpalaCoin Project We Need to Know

Africa is a continent that is rich in human resources, talent, entrepreneurship, and mineral resources. In addition, it is also one of the fastest growing middle class in the world which is estimated to be around 350 million. But despite progress, Africa was burdened by a situation of poor economic leadership, difficult to convert currencies and old colonial borders used for administration. Instead it is used as an economic market.

Banking penetration there and low insurance also affect 70 to 90% of people do not have bank accounts in Africa. This causes informal exchanges and the money transfer market to be hampered because of the potential for international trade to occur. This condition is also inappropriate when compared to the potential of large-scale cross-border transactions.

ICN is the creator of exchange tokens from portable wallets and interactions between various stages of cash. The development of innovative systems related to portable money led to an electronic computerized installment method on mainland Africa.

ImpalaCoin Crypto, Solution for Trade and Banking in Africa for the MarketDigital Bank ICN / Super Hab

Most African countries are landlocked, and IPL means creating unlimited management from the system account that runs on the Blockchain. This arrangement will also provide food for imports from industrial countries China, Central and Southeast Asia. In addition, there are 18 million intersections on radar, which are still active depending on cash contributions.

Portable Wallet (Comet Wallet)

ICN Mobile Wallet is an internal and external wallet that can meet financial and private and public key standards available for cryptographic money. It has additional security, in addition to biometric logins or someone’s confirmation, for example, using passwords and one-time SMS notifications.

Kin card

Sharp card is an installment method of digital currency exchange, where there may be some money. It connects friend cards with unique applications to explicit clients and highlights sophisticated client phones.

The card will work in areas where there is no system or where users associated with it do not charge. This card can also be linked to a Visa, MasterCard or China Union card to guarantee access to the card worldwide. Cards will be restored through the Internet or through the distributed IPL operator system.

ICN and ICO ImpalaCoin Toka More
Unlike existing irreversible monetary standards, ICN remains a convertible monetary unit in its system, including its partners. These scenes will be stored and meet different monetary standards in their computerized wallets, which can then be exchanged online or disconnected from the Mpos gadget operator. This will increase the entry as tradable funds and increase the exchange of more trades on this path, which will cause a revaluation in ICN estimates.

The money will be exchanged for the trading of stars traded, and in the meantime will attract other real monetary standards.

Target Market and Potential

ICM has the potential to solve Africa’s real global financial problems, including inflation from advanced currencies and exchange instruments, provide a global village economy with access to consumer and industrial goods, and encourage exports and savings in a stable currency.

$ 1,2T

Intra-African annual trade value

$ 600 billion

International global remittance. $ 40 billion is part of Africa.


cross-African and inter-African borders and international trade are carried out by informal cross-border traders and SME traders

$ 21T

The trade value of countries on the One Belt One Road trade route

$ 300 billion

Annual international trade between China and Africa.

$ 30T

Value of cash trading in emerging markets

690 million

The number of registered mobile money accounts

$ 1 billion

The amount is processed through cellular money in a day.

338 million

Mobile wallet in Africa.


A mobile money account is registered in East Africa.

$ 18 billion

The annual value of informal trade across East African borders.


Token Info

Token Name: ICM

Token Platform: Stellar

Token type: Utility

PraICO Schedule: 2018-11-01 – 2018-12-31

PreICO Price: 1 ICM = 0.15 USD

ICO Schedule: 2018-10-01 – 2019-03-31

Price at ICO: 0.1800 USD

Min. investment: 50 USD

Accept payments: ETH, BTC, XLM and Fiat currencies

Token distribution at ICO: 65%

Soft cap: 1.000.000 USD

Hard cap: 50.000.000 USD

ImpalaCoin Team: 
  • Elsie Njane, CEO and Co-Founder
  • John Mutuku, COO Co-Founder
  • Michael Wakahe, Director
  • Rodgers Kebabe, Head of Marketing
  • Eugene Chimita, Chief Technology Officer
  • Kelvin Again, System Administration
  • Simon Mwania, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mercy Maithya, Digital Marketing
  • Advisor:
  • Mr.Chan, Strategy Advisor
  • Maureen Mutua, Advisor to AML Kyc
  • Ollie Walsh, Marketing and Strategy Advisor
  • Period, Technical Development and Software
  • Herve Lacorne, Growth Advisor and Inovas

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