Empowering the Impala Crypto bank or Financial Network in Africa

ImpalaCoin is a digital currency that drives the Impala crypto bank or the Financial system. Crypto bank is a value-based and value-based comprehensive exchange that targets basically are ordinary paper money brokers, SME global traders, international organizations that support store chains, online business organizations. The Crypto Bank is based on the rail from the extraordinary blockchain and the ImpalaPay versatile installment and cash preparation arrangements. Our additional target ads are worldwide settlements, cost installments, and market accumulation of income, which we can safely end to end through handling exchanges in more than 117 countries.

About Impala

The idea of ​​ImpalaCoin is to empower progressive money storage in Africa explicitly by building conclusions to end the installment framework that allows financial and exchange funds consideration. The market for our goal is Casual brokers and SMEs related to cross-border exchanges (Intra-African and Global exchanges) this particular fragment is responsible for 70% of African International exchanges which support 44% of its 1.2 billion population. Until now, we have accumulated the foundation of installments to China and Asia that have enabled the development of simple capital.

Really some free related income streams including digitalization. Global settlements and take advantage of 30 trillion in installments in emerging markets. ICM is a coin utility that runs on the current and extensive ImpalaPay rail in a multipurpose and computerized preparation and Stellchain blockchain. ICM prices are sustained by goods in safe warehouses that are determined also by Fiat Mobile’s cash scheme which is the most traded item in Africa and China, YES is
more than oil. For these two but not constrained for them, we will empower dealers to get return exchanges and loans.

ICN is the creator of exchange tokens from portable wallets and interactions between various stages of cash. The development of innovative systems related to portable money led to an electronic computerized installment method on mainland Africa.

ImpalaCoin Crypto, Solution for Trade and Banking in Africa for the Market

ICN Digital Bank / Super Hab

Most African countries are landlocked, and IPL means creating unlimited management from the system account that runs on the Blockchain. This arrangement will also provide food for imports from industrial countries China, Central and Southeast Asia. In addition, there are 18 million intersections on radar, which are still active depending on cash contributions.

Four pillars of cryptobank

Hybrid Wallet and Cellphone Cards

A single account for your FIAT and cryptocurrency

MPOS and Payments

Do and accept payments online and offline anywhere in the border-free world


Crypto to mobile money wallet, different mobile wallet integration, coin exchange, cellular wallet Credit exchange, Banknotes to Crypto.

Platform Core Banking berbasis cloud

Legacy banking system security with flexibility of decentralized platforms and smart contracts, aggregation of Severity IBAN account numbering inheritance banking system

We have partnered with Sunmi Technology to give you a blockchain-powered Android POS, which will allow traders to buy, sell and receive crypto payments for both Mobile and Card payments.

  • Dompet cryptocurrency
  • Traditional mobile wallet
  • Sell ​​cryptos
  • Buy back cryptos
  • Pay with cryptos
  • QR code
Token Info
Nama Token : ICM
Platform Token : Stellar
Type Token : Utility
PraICO Schedule: 2018-11-01 – 2018-12-31
PreICO Price: 1 ICM = 0.15 USD
ICO Schedule: 2018-10-01 – 2019-03-31
Price at ICO: 0.1800 USD
Min. investment: 50 USD
Receive payments: ETH, BTC, XLM and Fiat currencies
Token distribution at ICO: 65%
Soft cap : 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap : 50,000,000 USD
Token distribution 
 Tim ImpalaCoin: 
  • Elsie Njane, CEO dan Co-Founder
  • John Mutuku, COO Co-Founder
  • Michael Wakahe, Director
  • Rodgers Kebabe, Head of Marketing
  • Eugene Chimita, Chief Technology Officer
  • Kelvin Again, System Administration
  • Simon Mwania, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mercy Maithya, Pemasaran Digital
  • Advisor:
  • Mr.Chan, Strategy Advisor
  • Maureen Mutua, AML kyc Advisor
  • Ollie Walsh, Marketing Advisor and Strategy
  • Period, Technical Development and Software
  • Herve Lacorne, Growth Advisor and Inovas

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