Africa is a continent rich in human resources, talent, entrepreneurial stamina and mineral resources and is home to one of the fastest growing middle classes in the world estimated at around 350 million. Despite progress made, Africa is burdened by poor economic leadership , difficult to convert currencies and old colonial borders drawn for administration rather than economic markets and inconsistent with the growth of large commercial markets such as Comesa.

Low banking and insurance penetration affects 70-90% of those who do not have bank accounts in Africa. This has resulted in a rapidly growing exchange and informal remittance market that is largely driven by cash that allows international trade. Cash money is risky, expensive and limited in terms of credit growth, financial inclusion and large purchases.

 ImpalaCoin  is a crypto currency that feeds Impala banks and financial networks. Crypto bank is an inclusive financial trading and transaction transaction whose main objectives are informal, paper, cash, cross border traders, international traders, international supply chain support agents, e-commerce businesses. Along with the ongoing crypto economy,  ImpalaCoin  will work with other logistics players, such as transportation, smart contracts, legal documentation, customs and taxes, warehousing, standard and quality certification, fuel, housing, and so on. ImpalaCoin      will be able to circulate in this ecosystem before entering other currencies, making the  ImpalaCoin the first to use crypto currency in real life.

There is an urgent need for the integration of all countries and their integration into the joint trading and financial platform of Africa. ICM  is currently building the largest autonomous online blockchain in the world, supported by digital banks or financial networks, which will be the main foundation in creating a cross-border ecosystem in parallel with ongoing activities to create crypto economics. Crypto banks are built on the star tracks of the blockchain network and payments and the ImpalaPay mobile money processing infrastructure. Market our secondary targets for international money transfers, bill payments, and market tax collection that we can provide reliably through transaction processing in more than 117 countries.

The goal  that can be achieved by ICM is to become a pioneering and main cross-border trade crypto currency, which enables international trade between Africa & between Africa and its trading partners.

What is very important for this purpose is to launch the Crypto Bank or Financial network on the biggest Blockchain offline and online economic ecosystem network in the world. Banks or financial networks will be interrelated and can be operated with the Bank, cellular money purses, crypto currencies, payment service providers, sales agent payments, postal companies assisted by cellular sales points and partner terminals.


Responding to the emerging request for Intra-African Trade Integration

There is an urgent need to integrate all these countries and bring them to the same intra-African financial and trading platform. ICM is currently building the world’s largest offline & online blockchain supported by digital banks or financial networks that will be the main foundation in building cross-border ecosystems in parallel with sustainable activities to build crypto economics. ICM will collaborate with other logistics players such as transportation, smart contract legal documentation, customs and tax authorities, warehousing, quality standards and certifications, fuel, accommodation etc. ICM will be able to circulate in this ecosystem at least eight times before going out to another currency making ICM the first currency that can be used in real life.

There is an urgent need to unite all these countries and bring them into the same intra-African financial and trading platform. At present, ICM is creating the world’s largest autonomous and online blockchain, supported by digital banks or financial networks, which will be the main foundation for creating a cross-border ecosystem along with ongoing activities to create crypto economics. ICM will work with other logistics participants, such as transportation, smart contract legal documentation, customs and tax authorities, warehousing, standard and quality certification, fuel, housing, etc. ICM will circulate in this ecosystem at least eight times, before entering other currencies, making ICM the first truly real currency to use.

Target Market and Potential

ICM has the potential to solve Africa’s real global financial problems, including inflation from advanced currencies and exchange instruments, provide a global village economy with access to consumer and industrial goods, and encourage exports and savings in a stable currency.

$ 1,2T

Intra-African annual trade value

$ 600 billion

International global remittance. $ 40 billion is part of Africa.


cross-African and inter-African borders and international trade are carried out by informal cross-border traders and SME traders

$ 21T

The trade value of countries on the One Belt One Road trade route

$ 300 billion

Annual international trade between China and Africa.

$ 30T

Value of cash trading in emerging markets

690 million

The number of registered mobile money accounts

$ 1 billion

The amount is processed through cellular money in a day.

338 million

Mobile wallet in Africa.


A mobile money account is registered in East Africa.

$ 18 billion

The annual value of informal trade across East African borders.

Token Info

Token Name: ICM
Platform Token : Stellar
Type Token : Utility
PraICO Schedule: 2018-11-01 – 2018-12-31
PreICO Price: 1 ICM = 0.15 USD
ICO Schedule: 2018-10-01 – 2019-03-31
Price at ICO: 0.1800 USD
Min. investment: 50 USD
Receive payments: ETH, BTC, XLM and Fiat currencies
Token distribution at ICO: 65%
Soft cap : 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap : 50,000,000 USD
Token distribution 


September 2013
ICM was established and began building the world’s first P2P cross-border transfer switch.

April 2014
Went with Bharti Airtel – the first transaction worth $ 100 sent from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

November 2014
Upgrade to full B2B Hub that introduces interoperability between cellular money wallets, banks and international money providers.

January 2015
First cryptocurrency transfer from Bit-x to Airtel money.

March 2015
Interoperability between MTN money and Airtel is completed giving access to more than 150 million cellphone wallets.

November 2016
Registration of office in Hong Kong.

December 2016
Interoperability with UBA Bank, Afrikash application, and online merchant MAsterCard.

February 2017
Signed with Liri access to payment of traders to more than 23 Asian markets including China.

March 2017
Go directly to the Vitesse P2P access to the European region & Sepa.

June 2017
Directly with first access to Global data to markets throughout North America.

July 2017
Signed with Telkash Access to Latin America & Australia present in 116 countries.

August 2017
Launches global revenue collection, cellular money, cryptocurrency & bank processing gateways as an alternative to traditional card payments.

September 2017
More than USD 108 billion is processed through the ICM hub.

October 2017
Registration of offices in the UK

November 2017
Signed with Msewa technical partners to build Comet Applications that will be integrated into the Stellar network.

December 2017
Digital bank IPL & ICM pilot in Equatorial Guinea.

January 2018
Comet App is deployed on android;
Pre-ICO – Stellar Network Launch.

February 2018
Complete integration to the Stellar Blockchain.

March 2018
Acquisition of E-money Issuer Permit.


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