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Centralized inefficiency
The rapid transition to digital media has caused a decline in artist profitability. Today, exploitative artists are the result of extreme inefficiencies that lie in the modern, centralized music industry. Lack of transparency in the system results in loss of income, improper property distribution, and inefficient licensing processes. Not only are artists struggling to get a fair and stable income, but large organizations continue to grow and hold an unfair share of income through the exploitation of artists and their creative content.

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Music has become more accessible to global users than ever before, but the gap between music makers, collaborators and shareholders continues to increase, making it more difficult to share ideas and resources more equitably than before.

imusify uses a combination of innovative protocols and structures that facilitate peer-to-peer communication directly between artists, fans and other interested parties. This platform combines traditional crowdfunding best practices, streaming, media sharing, economic and social networks. Thus, imitating the need for existing intermediaries, eliminating inefficiencies, providing transparency, and giving fair gifts to all for their contributions. Utilization options include crowdfunding for artists, transparent royalty payments for artists, stimulating content curation, open source development, and networking.

Music is. Smarter
Crowd your music project
Support your favorite artists
Discover new music.
Stream your favorite songs
Work with anyone, anywhere
Get exclusive show tickets
Chat with your fans
Get paid for your creative services.



I find it hard to meet someone who doesn’t like music these days. Music for the modern man, it’s like a kind of energy that picks up your mood and takes you inside the soul. Moreover, I am very glad that there is such a huge amount of music in the world, because everyone can choose exactly what he likes to listen to whether it is his favorite songs or a track performer. At the same time, you can now listen to music absolutely everywhere, wherever you are, because for this you just need to get your smartphone and open your favorite playlist.

However, despite all our comfort, modern artists began to experience real difficulties and problems in this direction:

  • first, now it has become difficult to regulate pirated copying, for which the author of the song naturally will not get a penny;


  • secondly, there are a lot of stock applications, where you as a performer seem to offer convenient terms of cooperation, but as a result you are disappointed, because there are problems with payment and its possible delay;


  • third, it is difficult for young musicians to get to the top of fame, as they do not have sufficient funding from producers and other special agents;
  • and fourthly, despite such a large number of musical resources, none of them meet the creative talents, as the resource primarily thinks about its benefits and puts its interests above all.


These and many other problems concern almost every modern performer, artist, artist or just a creative person. But each of them just loves what he does and wants to share it with the world.

The project that we will talk about today, was born thanks to a very talented person – David Walters. It was his thorny path that inspired the creation of such a product, which will solve all the above problems and help develop absolutely all the talents on our Earth. He believes that his project is able to give a lot more functions and privileges not only to each artist, performer, artist, musician, but also to producers, managers, publishers and other professionals of the music industry without which it could not fully exist.

When creating his project, David Walters was well aware that the platform through which all these people will interact must meet the latest requirements of our time. That is why it is based on blockchain technology, thanks to which incredible conditions of cooperation are now available not only uniting all these specialists, but also the audience for which all this creativity is created. After all, a musician without a listener, no one, in the same way as any artist, painter or specialist.

About the project
The project itself has a fairly simple and memorable name – imusify. Its mission is to unite in a single international ecosystem all artists, professionals, musicians and performers with its audience of fans and supporters.

This is a platform where everyone can find what he loves and what he appreciates. Thus, for each participant imusify prepared individual features and benefits that are only available in this version, and nowhere else.

The details of the ICO
As I said earlier, users within the music ecosystem of imusify will be able to interact with each other not only with the help of a social network, but also to show their activity at the expense of the internal IMU token. This token will be developed on the basis of the NEO blockchain and its NEP5standard.

A total of 1 billion tokens will be issued. Of these, 200 million will be allocated for private sales, 350 million for public sales, the remaining part of the tokens will be distributed between strategic partners and its creators. At the same time, a small part of about 80 million coins will be allocated for the development of the ecosystem itself. At different stages of sales markers will be sold with significant discounts, so keep this in mind and pay attention. The starting price for 1 IMU is set at $0.05 USD.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:

At the end of my review, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that imusify has already proved itself in the international arena. This project was included in the top 40 best projects for ICO 2018. Therefore, its implementation in life will come in handy. After all, all his actions are aimed at improving the situation on the world stage of the music industry. At the same time, the developers of imusify have not forgotten about any participant of this industry, so each of them, of us will have equal opportunities to Express themselves, to evaluate the other and take into account that the world of music has changed into a better, more accessible form.

But I remind you that my reviews I carry only an introductory character of the narrative of a project. Therefore, every time I recommend you to study in detail the project you like independently both on the technical documentation of the project and its official resources. This project is no exception, since any ICO project is associated with investments and carries some risks that you should remember and know about. That’s all I’ve got. All useful links can be found at the end of the article. Good luck!

Official resources of the Imusify project:

Website || Whitepaper || Telegram || Twitter || Facebook || Medium || ANN Thread || Reddit

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