Imusify; A Completely Decentralized Music Stage Intended To Enable Players To Get Reasonable Pay

iMusify Project Overview

iMusify is centered around structure a stage to serve the prompt needs of current members in the music business while giving an open advancement space to growing new methods for collaboration and esteem trade to serve the music economy in the close and removed future.

Imusify is a completely decentralized music stage intended to enable players to get a reasonable pay from their manifestations, just as join the makers and customers of substance in a solitary current, agreeable and autonomous music administration.

The Uniqueness of the stage

Imusify is an honor winning music stage that means to reshape the worldwide music industry with an end goal to free music creators, music fans and music business visionaries. This is a stage driven by blockchain music and a decentralized financial stage, which ought to interface specialists, officials and music fans.

Imusify’s central goal is to enable specialists to get more for their work than with current gushing arrangements, while as yet assuming responsibility for their melodies. This will likewise assist audience members with supporting their preferred craftsmen and find new music. Advertisers have additionally been considered while making stages.

The premonition of the undertaking

Imusify has the vision to make a global line without constraint between fans that need to get connection with the money related craftsman. The stage comprises of numerous individuals that adoration music, included retailers, imusify, performer, wholesalers, fans, directors, names, and the latter is a distributer. The melodic can utilize this stage, in view of Imusify stage finished by collections, offers of the vocalist, copyright the board, ticket system, eminence music, and numerous things identified with music creations.

Featues of the Platform

Commercial center

The Imusify commercial center enables Participants to list their items and administrations identified with making, promoting and business improvement from inventive substance. Craftsmen can fabricate systems and begin exchanges with specialists, makers, videographers, visual fashioners, and others legitimately on the stage.

The reward framework

The Imusify blessing framework is intended to boost quality commitments and curation on the stage by compensating social substance makers (posts, playlists, remarks) for explicit activities.

Imusify enables craftsmen to dispatch crowdfunding efforts to finance music items, for example, collections, recordings and visits.

Installment is straightforward and reasonable

Imusify naturally remunerates specialists dependent on per-stream by dispersing reserves straightforwardly to imusify wallet from people or gatherings of copyright holders of melodies given.

Decentralized Exchange

Imusify will coordinate the NEON Exchange API to offer trade usefulness on a stage that enables impersonation clients to in a flash trade their tokens to different monetary forms. While the innovation is as yet cleaned, imusify plans to completely utilize the API to be accessible to clients in Q3 2019.

Copyright Management

Using the security and time everlasting of a decentralized information record having a place with imusify, imusify will actualize a multilayered convention that enables content makers to oversee possession rights and permit data. Adjustable instruments give craftsmen full control of their substance and each surge of income they produce.

The Problem

The present music industry is broken

The wasteful aspects of centralization

The fast progress to computerized media has prompted a lessening rate of return for specialists. The misuse craftsmen as of now experience is a consequence of the outrageous wasteful aspects that exist in the current brought together music industry. Absence of straightforwardness inside the framework has prompted lost incomes, misattribution of possession, and insufficient permitting forms. In addition to the fact that artists are attempting to win a reasonable and supportable pay, yet huge associations proceed to develop and retain unreasonable segments of income through misuse of craftsmen and their inventive substance.

Association Failure

Music is more accessible to worldwide clients than any other time in recent memory yet the distinction between music makers, associates and investors is developing, making it all the more testing to reasonably trade thoughts and assets than at any other time.

The Solution

A fully Decentralized Music Marketplace

imusify utilizes a blend of creative conventions and systems to encourage direct shared association between craftsmen, fans, and different partners. The stage coordinates the accepted procedures of customary crowdfunding, spilling, media sharing, and monetary and interpersonal organizations. Thusly, imusify dispenses with the requirement for existing go-betweens, settling wasteful aspects, giving straightforwardness, and guaranteeing everyone is decently compensated for their commitment. Use cases incorporate craftsman crowdfunding, straightforward craftsman eminence installments, boosted content curation, and open-source improvement and system coordinated effort.

iMusify Token

This is a local token that will be utilized in the stage to remunerate music makers, content makers, and all entertainers all-inclusive. It depends on NEO blockchain organize.

Token Supply => 1,000,000,000 IMU

Token Symbol => IMU

Soft-cap => $1,000,000

Hard-cap => $25,000,000

Token distribution

350,000,000 Token Allocated to token Main Sale

200,000,000 Token Allocated to Private Sale

100,000,000 Token Allocated to Pre-Sale

80,000,000 Token Allocated to Ecosystem

80,000,000 Token Allocated to Company

80,000,000 Token Allocated to Team and Advisors

80,000,000 Token Allocated to Strategic Partnership

15,000,000 Token Allocated to Contributor Rewards

15,000,000 Token Allocated to Charity Program


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