Imusify: A Decentralized Stage That Unites Music And Members In A Single Biological System



The overall music industry is an enormous one. In 2017, the wages from the business were around 16 billion USD, exhibiting the amazing quality of three important record names: Universal, Warmer, and Sony. The worldwide recorded music grandstand created by 8.1%. Among the distinctive earnings streams, over a third began from overall spouting. In particular, about 176 million customers of paid participation organizations, (for instance, Spotify or Deezer) formed this pay stream.


imusify is a decentralized stage that unites music content makers and their audience members in a single biological system. The artists will hold the copyright and will deal with the honor themselves. Each performer will almost certainly discover support on this stage. The members of the biological system will be administrators, merchants and different people who are a piece of the music division. The designers have define a driven objective to make a shared relationship in the field of music and offer the chance to sell their tunes.


Unprecedented styles or sorts of music may underline, underscore or reject some segment of these parts. Music is performed with a wide extent of instruments and vocal systems reaching out from singing to rap; There are select melodic instruments, for instance, tunes, for example, tunes without a support of melodic instruments and tunes for singing and melodic instruments.


The Problem


The present music industry is broken


The inefficient parts of centralization


The quick advancement to mechanized media has provoked a decreasing rate of return for authorities. The abuse skilled workers starting at now experience is a result of the incredible inefficient perspectives that exist in the current united music industry. Nonattendance of straightforwardness inside the system has provoked lost livelihoods, misattribution of ownership, and lacking allowing shapes. Notwithstanding the way that specialists are endeavoring to win a sensible and supportable pay, yet immense affiliations continue to create and hold irrational portions of salary through abuse of skilled workers and their imaginative substance.


Affiliation Failure


Music is more open to overall customers than some other time in ongoing memory yet the qualification between music producers, partners and speculators is creating, making it all the additionally testing to sensibly exchange musings and resources than at some other time.


•            Licensing and Monetization


Obsolete laws encompassing permitting and rate-setting frameworks neglect to use accessible innovation to follow licenses and convey eminences. Advanced music administrations don’t have proficient frameworks set up to get and monitor all licenses identified with the fluctuating kinds of computerized utilization: radio, on-request spilling, radio-like gushing, advanced buys and that’s just the beginning. Littler specialists come up short on the assets to implement authority over their substance and rights. With constrained data about how their substance related installments really work, they are regularly left with little to nothing.


•            Payment Transparency


Issues of installment straightforwardness emerge from the centralization of the eminence conveyance framework. Execution rights associations lead the procedure by gathering sovereignty installments from spilling administrations and after that designating installments to specialists dependent on eminence rates put forward by associations like The Copyright Royalty Board.




IMUSIFY is the plan, they have developed a totally decentralized music business focus.


Imusify uses a blend of creative shows and frameworks to energize direct shared relationship between authorities, fans, and distinctive accomplices. The stage fuses the acknowledged methodology of traditional crowdfunding, spouting, media sharing, money related and casual associations. Thusly, imusify clears out the necessity for existing go-betweens, settling inefficient perspectives, giving straightforwardness, and ensuring everybody is sensibly made up for their responsibility. Use cases join expert crowdfunding, direct skilled worker prominence portions, helped content curation, open-source headway and framework participation.


Imusify rehearses a blend of imaginative settlements and edges to elevate a straight shared relationship between specialists, fans, and different cooperatives. The venture consolidates the best techniques for traditional crowdfunding, gushing, media sharing, monetary and informal communities. By along these lines, Imusify drops the necessity for suffering go-betweens, fixing inadequacy, executing clearness, and guaranteeing everyone is fairly remunerated for their investment. The use states spread craftsman crowdfunding, open craftsman eminence installments, boosted content curation, open-source improvement and system coordinated effort.


IMUSIFY stage is an extraordinary stage since it has presented new highlights that will acquire straightforwardness the installment and reward’s techniques and it will likewise give makers and entertainers a legitimate method for permitting and adapting


IMUSIFY has likewise received the utilization of NEO blockchain for its undertaking on the grounds that NEO blockchain is a standout amongst the most verified, trusted, straightforward and quickest blockchain arrange in crypto-space. The annihilation of outsiders by IMUSIFY will be done using brilliant contract to mechanize the exchanges between the makers and its end clients


IMUSIFY stage is a special stage since it has presented new highlights that will acquire straightforwardness the installment and reward’s techniques and it will likewise give makers and entertainers a legitimate method for authorizing and adapting


IMUSIFY has additionally received the utilization of NEO blockchain for its task in light of the fact that NEO blockchain is a standout amongst the most verified, trusted, straightforward and quickest blockchain arrange in crypto-space. The annihilation of outsiders by IMUSIFY will be done using keen contract to robotize the exchanges between the makers and its end clients


Highlights of the Platform


•            Transparent and reasonable installments


As a music sharing stage, imusify naturally repays specialists on a for each stream premise by circulating assets straightforwardly to the imusify wallets of the individual or gathering of the given tune’s rights holders. The framework’s spilling stage is additionally intended to enable specialists to offer limits to a gathering of fans or amid a specific special period.


•            Decentralized Exchange


All together for craftsmen and different client types to collaborate instinctively with the stage and advantageously understand their installments and prizes, it is essential for there to exist a basic and helpful intends to trade IMU tokens to fiat and different monetary forms.


•            Crowdfunding Engine


On the stage, specialists can dispatch crowdfunding efforts to subsidize music items like collections, recordings, and visits. Specialists have the ability to offer, on the off chance that they pick, a reward for their supporters as early access to content, tickets, product, and VIP fan encounters. Craftsmen likewise have the alternative to connect with supporters all the more completely by giving member licenses, where fans who bolster a craftsman can benefit legitimately by advancing and selling content inside their systems.


The commercial center of Music Industry Participants


imusify is a spot for every yearning business visionary, specialists, and industry individuals to arrange and make networks. This commercial center enables members to execute exchanges relating to different business advancement or inventive administrations and items including videography, generation, publicizing, content plan, advancement and every other medium related or imaginative substance


Reward System


Notwithstanding remunerating craftsmen for spilling eminences of their inventive substance (music), imusify’s reward framework is intended to boost quality commitment and curation on the stage by compensating makers of social substance (posts, playlists, remarks) for specific activities.


Co-transformative copyright the executives


Tackling the security and unchanging nature of imusify’s decentralized information record, imusify will execute a multi-layered convention that enables content makers to oversee proprietorship rights and authorizing data. Versatile devices give specialists unlimited oversight over their substance and every income stream it produces.


For clients, imusify can work a kind of Klondike, wherever they’ll wind up one stage closer to their preferred craftsmen. At a proportionate time to require a fiery half inside the advancement of their aesthetic beginnings and value every tune, music, painting, etc. This ended up possible as a result of the restricted system and tokenization of the task, wherever every token go about as partner degree investigation marker of a chose power. The client at can and tact chooses to whom and the way a great deal of he’s ready to exchange coins, along these lines to pass judgment on crafted by a craftsman.

Token Information

Token Name : IMU

Platform Token : NEO

Type Token : NEP-5

PreICO price : 1 IMU = 0.044 USD

Accepting Payment : NEO,BTC,ETH,LTC,XMR,BCH and DASH

Distributed ICO : 65%

Tokens sale : 65,000,000

Soft cap : 1,000,000 USD

Hard cap : 25,000,000 USD



July 2017

Concept Development.

August 2017


November 2017

MVP 1.

January 2018

Team Established.

February 2018

MVP 2.

August 2018

imusify Alpha.

October 2018

imusify Beta.

December 2018

Imusify v1.

January 2019

imusify Academy.

March 2019

Platform 2.0.

1 August, 2018 – 1 September, 2018

Presale Start.

1 September, 2018 – 30 September, 2018

Main Sale.


David Walters

Dina Yedigeyeva

Nate Strang

Jennie Legary

Luka Pregelj

Jaroslav Karasek

Gianluigi Guida

Basit Raza

Jovana Jelkic

Andres Jaramillo

Istvan Szukacs

Istvan Balinth

Constantin Nicholas Goller

Matthew Hussey

Marco Aniballi


Onuwa Nnachi Isaac

Wayne Chico Pittman

David Spielman

Darius Bruner

Tadej Krevh



Anders Larsson

Joakim Holmer

Nikolaj Kuntner

Chris Hager

John Gado

Marcus Brown

Wayne Rosso

Vincent Castellucci

Gijs Verheijke

Dennis Chin

Tommy Walters

Tadej Krevh

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