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Imusify is a platform that very appropriate for people, even they are an artist, fans, musician and etc. they can communicate with each other in this platform. It is like a social network for those to streaming and share media. The founder of Imusify is David Walters. He was a musician. He writes and created many songs but he had not covered the rent. And then he finds an investor to build a music studio. In that time there is a problem that nobody buys music again. The industry dries out like for Publisher and Labels. The Labels will not accept the song f the singer does not finish the song production.

Imusify has the vision to create an international line without limitation between fans that want to get interaction with the financial artist. The platform consists of many people that love music, included retailers, imusify, musician, distributors, fans, managers, labels, and the last is a publisher. The musical can use this platform, because of Imusify platform completed by albums, sales of the singer, copyright management, ticket procedure, royalty music, and many things related to music productions.

Imusify has a mission to offers an innovation in the music world to develop music consumption, distribution and everything related to music. Imusify builds music economically to allow the exchange transaction between fans, artist, and community to make a better future of the music world. Imusify serves any type of users, serving as a new application for send message and reach network space. There is a marketplace for trade service, goods. Users can share any information in a discussion forum. The imusify platform can be used to launch a new music product.

Imusify project is a good movement for the music industry. It also shows leadership for event booking and copyright management. There are three advantages from Imusify platform, those are:

1. the transparency of payment process. The use of blockchain in the Imusify platform provides a variant transaction process that happens in the music supply chain. Using a good database and have verified users, blockchain will give solution become transparency and automatic payment. this benefit not only gotten by an individual but also a musician as a song representative holder. The transparency of Imusify is also added by feature like some information for the artist about how their works can be consumed by their fans and how many compensations they get.

2. monetization and license. In this platform, the artists can process their right for ownership and contents. And then settle the license and monetization using the available way. The users of Imusify platform are professional artists and beginner musician, even the new singer they can sell the license for their works like film, event, and video.

3. the management of digital rights. The Imusify platform that already uses blockchain as power, provide the opportunity to make management of the digital right system. It does not need payment reconciliation. There is a system consumption for information can be shared automatics. This way as universal transparency for all stakeholder like consumers, distributors, and artists.

So, Imusify is very recommended to use by users that have music hobby, whether they are artists or consumers that like to hear the song.

ICO Details

Whitelist: Yes

KYC: Yes

Token Symbol: ϑ IMU

Token Type: NEP-5 Token

Blockchain Platform: NEO

Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Percentage Sold to Public: 65%

Team Tokens locked/vested: Yes

Price Per Token: $0.05

Accepted Cryptos: NEO, BTC, and ETH

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