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InfraCoins is a decentralized ecosystem for property registration that will use blockchain technology to make the recording process cheaper, more convenient and safer. InfraCoins technology reduces traditional frustration, fraud, delays and contact points in the process of hotel reservations and rental reservations for the benefit of customers and customers. Although the cost and characteristics of homes and hotels vary across the world, many countries experience similar problems in long haul rentals and hotel accommodation. The mission of InfraCoins is to offer solutions that are equally effective for residents of international borders.

InfraCoins aims to help enable this tiering and marking service to reach the threshold of changing from fiat to crypto by developing platforms that emphasis on the practical applications of smart contracts and blocking technology in booking and hotel property transactions.


Technological evolution has led to the disruption of multiple sectors in recent years. Despite so many other industries having been successfully disrupted in recent years (retail, social media, transportation), the property listing space remains mired in tradition and lacks comparable innovation. The process of hotel booking and long haul rentals still results in frustration and lost time for both the customers and clients. There has not yet been technological disruption significant enough to usher in a new and better way to rent and book. Here at InfraCoins, we aim to change that.

Global practices for hotel booking and rental process still include listings as simple classified ads in print publications or on sites like, Craigslist, Zillow, Rightmove and Zoopla which provide limited information about a particular property for prospective tenants and essentially no help for actionable items, for example, the application process, contract execution, collection, and maintenance requests.


InfraCoins offers users a fully operational, web-based hotel booking and long haul rental, listing platform. Our goal is to leverage blockchain technology to ensure a seamless hotel and rental booking experience which will allow the entire rental application, rental contracts, booking hotels process and listing to be completed rapidly and online. It is as yet basic practice to complete many tasks manually.

This includes prospective landlords, accepting paper checks or cash, rent payments, releasing of deposits, calling hotels to affirm if the payment is received, booking is confirmed, etc. In addition, agents and brokers sometimes charge significant fees for minimal services, and landlords force tenants to freeze thousands of dollars in rental deposits.

International renters face problems qualifying to rent overseas as their credit scores and credit histories are just valid in their nation of citizenship or in the nation in which they are legally qualified to work and live in at the moment.

Utilizing InfraCoins, property owners and travelers in countries across the globe will have the chance to enjoy a transparent and universally applicable platform for listing their properties for rental or commercial purpose. Also with our INF tokens customers will be able to book hotels anywhere on the planet with low transaction/commission fee.

How It Works?

The Decentralized INF Ledger is the engine that regulates all transactions and relationships between the hotels/property providers and the clients. In its core, there will be rules and operations governed by smart contracts which will be deployed in the Ethereum Virtual Machine.


Users upload the property listing on the INF blockchain; free of charge,InfraCoins allows users across the platform to freely access data and also make transactions utilizing INF Tokens.


InfraCoins will perform the KYC of the user digitally within minutes, by validating the documents and identification proof utilizing AI and NLP. Once the KYC is approved, then users will be provided a trust commendable score, which can help the lender make the correct decision of proceeding with the transaction.


On booking of hotel a smart contract will be triggered (agreement), which includes details, for example, price,hotel details and cancellation strategy. Based on the terms of the contract, the smart contract initiates the payments from customer.On checkout the contract triggers the payment to the hotel.

Some of the operations (but not limited to) the decentralized INF Ledger will run:
Booking placement
Booking confirmation policy (instant/or after review)
Deposit holding
Deposit release/refunding upon check-out
Check-in requirements & up-grade possibilities
Dispute trigger & dispute terms
Deposit withholding
Optional history/reputation requirement for customer
Listing of rental properties
..and more


July 2017

Concepts and ideas

August 2017

Planning and conceptualization

September 2017

Market research

October 2017

Acquisition of partners and ownership

January 2018

Prototyping – List of properties and websites for booking hotels

March 2018

Prototyping – List of properties and booking of hotel reservations

April 2018

Development of intelligent test contract development

May 2018

The implementation of the intelligent contract is complete

July 2018

VIP sales begin

The sale of ICO begins

August 2018

The sale of ICO begins

October 2018

ICO’s sales are running out

December 2018

Official launch of the website

January 2019

Registered on the Exchange

February 2019

Official Launch of Mobile Applications

Jagdish Suvarna: CEO

Bhushan Kadu: CTO

Cess Laguardia: CMO

Vansh Tah: BlockChain Developer

Evan Joseph: BlockChain Consultant

Manjunath Shetty: Data Analyst

Hoo Lin Coln: Legal Advisor

Anthony Abunassar: ICO Advisor

Alex Linenko: ICO Advisor

Andrey Korotkov: ICO Advis0r

Alexandre Orfevre: Community Development

Brian DePierre: ICO advisor

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