InfraCoins – Decentralized Real Estate Platform for Booking and Listing

InfraCoins is a decentralized property listing ecosystem that will use blockchain technology to make the listing process less costly, more convenient and secure.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain space represents the future of property listing for apartments, villas, hotel rooms and office spaces. InfraCoins aims to assist in enabling these services to reach the threshold of transition from fiat to crypto by developing a platform focused on the practical application of smart contracts and blockchain technology in real estate and hotel booking transactions.

Built on the blockchain, it is a decentralized open source booking and listing system. With an integrated marketplace that enables hoteliers and property owners, to list their properties to buy/sell/rent, manage bookings and collect payments, InfraCoins ecosystem is set to break the current norms.

A simple use case for hoteliers could be listing his hotel room on the website at a discounted price. Discount can be directly transferred to the end user instead of the aggregator.

Also, an owner of an open co-work office space can list even a single cubicle for a freelancer. He can book the cubicle for an hour, a day or for a whole month.

There are multiple use-cases which can be thought about from renting, buying, home stays, vacations, etc.

The transactions are done using Smart Contracts in INF tokens, thus eliminating the need for any third party participant and their higher charges. InfraCoins charges only a small fee for consuming the services, which is billed to both the parties after the transaction is completed. This helps in building the value of InfraCoins within the ecosystem.

How It Works

The Decentralized INF Ledger is the engine that regulates all transactions and relationships between the hotels/property providers and the clients. In its core, there are going to be rules and operations governed by smart contracts which will be deployed in the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Some of the operations (but not limited to) the decentralized INF Ledger will run:

  • Booking placement
  • Booking confirmation policy (instant/or after review)
  • Deposit holding
  • Deposit release/refunding upon check-out
  • Check-in requirements & up-grade possibilities
  • Dispute trigger & dispute terms
  • Deposit withholding
  • Optional history/reputation requirement for customer
  • Listing of rental properties

InfraCoins ICO Distribution

The InfraCoins token ICO will be accepting BTC, ETH, XRP and USD as forms of payment for INF tokens.

$ 0.7$ 0.7$ 0.8$ 0.8$ 1$ 1$ 1.25$ 1.25$ 127.3%


For Sale

Pre-Sale 14-07-2018 5,000,000 INF
$ 0.7
Round 1 10-08-2018 5,000,000 INF
$ 0.8
Round 2 01-09-2018 10,000,000 INF
$ 1
Round 3 01-10-2018 10,000,000 INF
$ 1.25

InfraCoins ICO Roadmap

Concept and Idea

JULY, 2017

Planning and conceptualization

AUGUST, 2017

Market Research


Acquisition of partners and properties


Prototype development – Property Listing and Hotel Booking Website


Prototype development – Property Listing and Hotel Booking Mobile app

MARCH, 2018

Smart contract test net development

APRIL, 2018

Smart contract test net completed

MAY, 2018

VIP Sale begins

JULY 07, 2018

Pre – Sale ICO begins

JULY 15, 2018

ICO Sale begins

AUGUST 10, 2018

ICO sale ends

OCTOBER 31, 2018

Official site launch


Listed on Exchange


Official mobile app launch


Jagdish Suvarna

Part of developing the system for buying, selling properties and Hotel booking thru secure block chain management solutions.

Bhushan Kadu


Design and implement statistical / predictive models and cutting edge algorithms utilizing diverse sources of data to predict demand, risk and price elasticity.

Cess Laguardia


She is a crypto strategist associated with several ICO’s. She is also involved in and works as a Marketing,Bounty,Social Media and Community Manager.

Vansh Tah

BlockChain Developer

As a Lead Blockchain Developer, he is responsible for the organization and execution of token sale fundraising and development of ethereum smart contracts.

Evan Joseph

BlockChain Consultant

Architect the blockchain solution, analyze the projects and gives specific recommendations to the CEO & technical team on smart contract infrastructure.

Manjunath Shetty

Data Analyst

I love playing with data and find intersting pattern within them. I find my inspiration in nature, I see pattern everywhere.


Hoo Lin Coln

Legal Advisor

His first ambition was to be a lawyer has led him to read law at the Nottingham Trent University, England and obtained his LL.B (Hons)

Anthony Abunassar

ICO Advisor

Ex Goldman ICO advisor based in Malta. Investor and crypto currency expert and enthusiast. Offering protection against future regulation in the World #1 location for any ICO wishing to secure their long term success with regulatory protection.

Alex Linenko

ICO Advisor

Alex is an experienced entrepreneur and a blockchain expert. He is the co-founder and co-creator of such companies as Seopult, Uptopromo, SatangDee, ICOyard. He worked on the tokenization and strategic management of 15+ successful ICOs (Crypterium, Medichain,, Bailsman, ICOS, Buddy.Works and others)

Andrey Korotkov

ICO Advisor

ICO Business analyst. Member of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) ICO advisory board. Crypto enthusiast and professional with years of experience in Crypto Trading. My professional background includes working with 6 successful ICOs. (MediChain, Budbo, ICOS, Viewo, Crypterium, Mulaah).

Alexandre Orfevre

Community Development

Experienced Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in International Project Management, Agile Project Management, mobile project, front-end development, servers and clusters administration and continuous integration

Brian DePierre

ICO advisor

Vice President – GE Capital. 19+ years of core Financial, auditing and Sales experience.




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