InfraCoins Real Estate Blockchain Platform

InfraCoins is a decentralized ecosystem for property registration that will use blockchain technology to make the recording process cheaper, more convenient and safer. InfraCoins technology reduces traditional frustration, fraud, delays and contact points in the process of hotel reservations and rental reservations for the benefit of customers and customers. Although the cost and characteristics of homes and hotels vary across the world, many countries experience similar problems in long haul rentals and hotel accommodation. The mission of InfraCoins is to offer solutions that are equally effective for residents of international borders.

InfraCoins expects to help empower this tiering and stamping administration to achieve the edge of changing from fiat to crypto by creating stages that accentuation on the down to earth utilizations of keen contracts and blocking innovation in booking and lodging property exchanges.


Innovative development has prompted the disturbance of numerous divisions as of late. In spite of such a significant number of different ventures having been effectively upset as of late (retail, internet based life, transportation), the property posting space stays buried in custom and needs equivalent advancement. The procedure of inn booking and whole deal rentals still outcomes in disappointment and lost time for both the clients and customers. There has not yet been innovative interruption sufficiently noteworthy to introduce another and better approach to lease and book. Here at InfraCoins, we intend to change that.

Worldwide practices for lodging booking and rental process still incorporate postings as basic arranged promotions in print distributions or on locales like, Craigslist, Zillow, Rightmove and Zoopla which give restricted data about a specific property for imminent inhabitants and basically no assistance for significant things, for instance, the application procedure, contract execution, gathering, and upkeep demands.


InfraCoins offers clients a completely operational, electronic inn booking and whole deal rental, posting stage. We will likely use blockchain innovation to guarantee a consistent lodging and rental booking background which will permit the whole rental application, rental contracts, booking inns process and inclining to be finished quickly and on the web. It is so far essential practice to finish numerous undertakings physically.

This incorporates forthcoming proprietors, tolerating paper checks or money, lease installments, discharging of stores, calling lodgings to avow if the installment is gotten, booking is affirmed, and so forth. What’s more, specialists and representatives here and there charge critical expenses for negligible administrations, and proprietors drive inhabitants to solidify a huge number of dollars in rental stores.

Global leaseholders confront issues fitting the bill to lease abroad as their FICO ratings and records of loan repayment are only substantial in their country of citizenship or in the country in which they are lawfully fit the bill to work and live in right now.

Using InfraCoins, property proprietors and explorers in nations over the globe will have the opportunity to appreciate a straightforward and all around appropriate stage for posting their properties for rental or business reason. Likewise with our INF tokens clients will have the capacity to book inns anyplace on the planet with low exchange/commission expense.

How It Works?

The Decentralized INF Ledger is the motor that controls all exchanges and connections between the lodgings/property suppliers and the customers. In its center, there will be tenets and activities represented by savvy contracts which will be conveyed in the Ethereum Virtual Machine.


Clients transfer the property posting on the INF blockchain; free of charge,InfraCoins enables clients over the stage to openly get to information and furthermore make exchanges using INF Tokens.


InfraCoins will play out the KYC of the client carefully inside minutes, by approving the archives and ID confirmation using AI and NLP. Once the KYC is endorsed, at that point clients will be given a trust estimable score, which can enable the bank to settle on the right choice of continuing with the exchange.


On booking of lodging a brilliant contract will be activated (assention), which incorporates points of interest, for instance, price,hotel subtle elements and abrogation procedure. In view of the terms of the agreement, the keen contract starts the installments from customer.On checkout the agreement triggers the installment to the lodging.

A portion of the activities (however not restricted to) the decentralized INF Ledger will run:

Booking situation

Booking affirmation approach (moment/or after audit)

Store holding

Store discharge/discounting upon registration

Registration prerequisites and up-review conceivable outcomes

Debate trigger and question terms

Store withholding

Discretionary history/notoriety necessity for client

Posting of investment properties

..and then some


July 2017

Ideas and thoughts

August 2017

Arranging and conceptualization

September 2017

Statistical surveying

October 2017

Procurement of accomplices and possession

January 2018

Prototyping – List of properties and sites for booking lodgings

Walk 2018

Prototyping – List of properties and booking of lodging reservations

April 2018

Advancement of insightful test contract improvement

May 2018

The usage of the smart contract is finished

July 2018

VIP deals start

The offer of ICO starts

August 2018

The offer of ICO starts

October 2018

ICO’s deals are running out

December 2018

Official dispatch of the site

January 2019

Enrolled on the Exchange

February 2019

Official Launch of Mobile Applications


Jagdish Suvarna: CEO

Bhushan Kadu: CTO

Cess Laguardia: CMO

Vansh Tah: BlockChain Developer

Evan Joseph: BlockChain Consultant

Manjunath Shetty: Data Analyst

Hoo Lin Coln: Legal Advisor

Anthony Abunassar: ICO Advisor

Alex Linenko: ICO Advisor

Andrey Korotkov: ICO Advis0r

Alexandre Orfevre: Community Development

Brian DePierre: ICO advisor

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