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Hello to all and welcome to my ICO review . For those of you who don’t know me yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Funke and I’m an experienced writer who enjoys what he does very much. I’m here to give you all the information you might need or want about the new platform for bridging markets. I plan to make them “easy read, to the point” because what’s important to me is that we all comprehend and absorb the information and actually want to be here learning together about something new.

Today, let us all learn and experience together all about INGOT COIN. If you don’t know anything about them, don’t run away, that’s why I’m here, to change that within the next few minutes. Before I begin, I just want to quickly mention that I will be including LINKS so that YOU can do your own research or whatever you feel you need. I feel it’s best to have all of the information in one place, in an organised manner, rather than dotted about the page making what you want hard to find or confusing. All these links will be put at the BOTTOM of this page to keep things easy.

Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, INGOT Coin, which is the first fully integrated Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and ICO Accelerator has arrived.
INGOT Coin is the first fully integrated Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and ICO Accelerator. All components are rolled into a single and complete ecosystem, which rewards token holders and consumers for using and contributing to it. INGOT Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which provides benefits and discounts within the ecosystem itself. IC will be based on a ERC20 technology.

The central part of the INGOT comprises of its ecosystem which branches into several more functionality portals. These include:

IC Digital Bank – facilitates all transactions, payments, and settlement within the INGOT

IC Brokerage – for the investors seeking more trading options they can check for opportunities through the IC Brokerage portal.

IC Exchange – IC also provides for cryptocurrency and fiat trading through their exchange platform

IC wallet to hold the cryptocurrencies, INGOT coin, and fiat currency

IC ICO Accelerator to champion for investment in legitimate ICO projects

IC Crypto Certifier for educative-based material regarding on cryptocurrency ventures

IC Community for both enthusiasts and developers to interact and communicate

IC Liquidity Pool that offers insured liquidity for the INGOT COIN, fiat currencies, and other cryptocurrencies.

I am going to get straight to the point of who they are since this is such an important factor, as I like to put it, “The Brains behind INGOT COIN”. If the team behind the product or service in question haven’t the resources or knowledge, then we know the product or service delivered will possibly not have the quality it should have. We need to know two very important things when we look at a new starting up company:
Who are the people/team behind this?

What experience and knowledge do they possess?

Okay, so, because I’ve already done all the research needed beforehand and thoroughly INGOT COIN I can very happily confirm that this company has a fabulous team onboard. Here they are:


Currently, the financial system lacks in efficiency and transparency. Generally, despite the popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency, there are some problems, such as:

• Lack of connection between traditional financial and cryptocurrency markets.

• Current market ineffective structure.

• High fees in financial markets.

• Impractical crypto exit strategies.

• Lack of trust in crypto markets.

These problems make many investors abandon profitable investment opportunities. INGOT Ecosystem offers a comprehensive solution to all these problems.


This solution is the creation of an ecosystem that links cryptocurrency markets with the traditional investment and economic markets, thereby creating a bridge to effectively moderate how these two different ecosystems can coexist and correlate to improve their independent financial prospects and benefits to the investor.

IC Ecosystem will be the first in linking the crypto universe to the current traditional world.

The IC Ecosystem includes IC Wallet, IC Exchange, IC Digital Bank, IC ICO Accelerator, IC Brokerage, and IC Crypto Certifier.

IC Wallet is the main multicurrency crypto wallet intended for sending, receiving, storing digital assets. It will integrate a digital bank that will allow you to safely exchange or buy a cryptocurrency for cash. It has several levels of protection and prevents hack attempts.

IC Exchange will be integrated securely with the IC Wallet, IC Digital Bank, and IC Brokerage through a user-friendly platform. It will be listing major coins and new ICOs to familiarize market participants with it.

IC Brokerage is the liquidity center that provides access to all financial products. In this service, the purchase of shares, metals, currency and other world assets is represented. Along with the above modules, IC Brokerage provides hundreds of options for trading when the market is in an uncertain state.

IC Digital Bank is a service, which automates payment processing using web services. It facilitates the operation of IC Brokerage and IC Exchange modules and provides services for working with accounts by e-payments.

IC Crypto Certifier will educate all interested people on the blockchain technology, IT consulting, compliance, cryptography, and financial consulting. Graduates receive an industry-leading globally distinguished certificate.

IC ICO Accelerator is a help to new startups and entrepreneurs such as PR services, assistance with the creation of Whitepaper, assistance in financing, documentation, in general, the entire range of services that are required for the ICO. IC ICO Accelerator will also list their tokens on IC Exchange.

Advantages of INGOT COIN

• Security.

• Highly liquid exchange.

• Multicurrency exchange.

• Minimizing the risks.

• Debit card.


As an all-inclusive ecosystem, INGOT is a pioneer in several ways, and consequently, it could have several potential benefits:

The IC Bank provides for decentralized ledgers which enables transparency

The peer-to-peer model allows for the decentralization of the transaction infrastructure.

The IC Bank eliminates the need for fees with even the smallest of micropayments without an intermediary

The IC wallet offers the highest standards regarding security which ensure a smooth and safe mode of transfer for the fiat and cryptocurrency.

Token Sale and ICO Details

The INGOT COIN (IC) token was developed for the platform, allowing to satisfy the needs of both beginners and experienced traders. Beginners in this field will be able to start with a minimum capital. Its trade is planned on different exchanges and provides fair and equal conditions, regardless of the volume of trade and seed capital. One of the attractive points is the fact that upon achieving a solid capitalization, holders of the INGOT token will be paid dividends. Using tokens within the platform as a payment will give users discounts between 5 to 50%.

Token Details

Ticker: ICC

Type: ERC20

ICO start date: July 1

ICO end date: August 11

Hard Cap: 90,000,000 USD

Minimum contribution size: 100 USD

Total supply: 120,000,000 IC

Price: 1 IC = 1 USD

Accepted purchase: USD, ETH, BTC, XRP, and other cryptocurrencies.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s review and my company along the way. Thanks for taking the time and will hopefully see you all in the next one.
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