INGOT introduced the concept of short sales in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) of stocks and indices, so that all investors have a different option It is not available on local stock exchanges, which allows for a purely diverse risk driving techniques. This innovative idea of trading has come in the wider the hard work of the dedicated team INGOT, everyone is trying to find new solutions to help marketers optimize their portfolios with the offer of various alternative investment methods. In response to rising demand a opportunities in the MENA region, the INGOT group founded Sigma Investments in Amman.

the Egyptian government to make the commodity markets more efficient and increase the productivity of small farmers by ensuring transparency price discovery mechanism. The INGOT Group also set up digital technology solutions company called the dreamtechs, which serves customers internationally and helps them establish digital solutions for their businesses, from the foundation of the company INGOT Group provides through its entity INGOT Brokers, a wide variety of products and services which includes ETFs, international shares and indices, commodities, metals, energies, as well as currencies. Since its establishment, INGOT has been providing the newest and most up-to-date financial products.


Unprecedented creation, it’s kind of revolutionary ecosystem based on Blockchain technology which will connect the newly developed crypto markets with existing ones, the elimination of financial markets inefficiency, while ensuring a One-system, ecosystem that makes it possible for participants who will implement and implement transactions in accordance with their own financial needs.


Ecosystem IC will be based on the technology of blockchains and will be used as Smart contracts to facilitate the execution of various contracts, while eliminating the need for mediators and external interventions that limit Investors from full participation in all markets. Accepting blockchains, we are creating a specialized ecosystem that will significantly increase the number of customers, trust, market liquidity and, most importantly, ensuring an efficient market pricing and access to funds for all different stakeholders.

The use of intelligent contracts has forced most industries to think about ways to improve their services. Although some industries are currently using this technology, others lag behind in disregard of lawsuits. Using Smart contracts, various branches of labor, aimed at minimizing costs and time, and Maximizing Global Coverage and Transparency. In the financial industry, smart contacts built into the ecosystem lead to the development of verification, transactions and exchanges, which results in safer, more transparent and efficient market for participants.


  • Lack of connection between Crypto and Traditional Markets:

Crypto and traditional financial markets are completely separating participants who try to move capital from one market to another. Segregation is the result of high transaction costs, time and money. These costs sometimes result in the elimination of profits and, in some cases, losses that restrict investors to market participation. Participants may not be able to transfer funds between different markets within a reasonable timeframe or limited by related costs.

  • Current Market Ineffective Structure:

Time has an extremely high value for people who trade or search financing. Unfortunately, due to highly centralized data processing structure in the financial world, a lot of time will be lost, which will lead to loss in edge.  In addition, local compliance standards such as KYC and In some cases, the fight against money laundering is insignificant or outdated if you try to stick to it. International compliance standards. Thus, causing significant complications for foreign investors looking for an exposition in local markets.

  • High Fees in Financial Markets:

A large number of intermediaries, such as primary banks, brokerage firms and intermediary banks usually taken  part in trade and financial activities, which means that high tariffs are deducted from the  investors for several Steps Excessive banking and brokerage fees may be unattractive and exhausting. For investors who want access to different markets.

  • Lack of trust in Crypto Markets:

Difficult to forward current holdings to crypto markets diversification, liquidity, price discrimination and a steady decline Available market services are considered to be the market price index they do not have faith in coming to attend. Not only that, the lack of knowledge of the market and the smart Contracts, and possible consequences Partners reject profitable investment opportunities.


As an ICO Campaigner, I  strongly recommend a good ICO project for you, when I come across one of my daily contributions to crypto-economics. That’s why I strongly recommend INGOT Concept to everyone involved in this unique project opportunity.

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