INGOT COIN: Linking the crypto universe to the current traditional financial industry


How will you feel to know more about an ecosystem that helps to link the world of cryptocurrency marketplace with our present financial institution? Feels good right? This is the benefit Ingot coin came to offer us. Please stay connected!
Ingotcoin is the ecosystem created for connecting various crypto markets with our existing financial one by reducing lack of efficiency and provide the ecosystem which is to encourage participation for business in the financial needs.

The ecosystem is founded on the basis of blockchain with the assistance of smart contracts in facilitating the progress of the currencies. It determines in bringing down any third parties factors that will come in between transactions through blockchains. It also brought the need that will totally improve the market profitability, customer loyalty, and competitive prices with access to funding.


  • The ecosystem is to satisfy token stakeholders by ensuring loyalty rewards is the major objectives of the ecosystem.
  • To provide an easy to maintain and profit-oriented system that helps everyone to leverage on the success of the ecosystem.
  • It provides the linking between our traditional currency and the digital cryptocurrencies, just like a Two-in-One enabled solution.


• Easy payment means: The ecosystem will provide an easy method of payment that allows for easy profiting in business for everyone. Ingotcoin will solve the problem of delay payment which caused great loose.

• External method of payments: Just like other cryptocurrencies, will increase the payment method whose value will be properly displayed on the exchanges sites. The presence of tokens shall bring an effective token price.

• Security: By the means of security we mean that everyone in possession of token will have the high room for improvement of high gains. Such high gains can be looked on by the price. By gains, we’re looking in the direction of dividends.

The tokens will be used as a means of value exchange from one member to another so as to get the proper coordination of the needed value for the ecosystem. INGOT is the name of the token to be used and it shall be the basis of funding, benefit within the ecosystem when it gets mature. It increases the efficiency. 120,000,000 IC is the maximum of INGOT token to be sold.

The Ingot coin will help change trading, settlements or payments in an instant, by bringing different factor that will contribute to the improvement on how value is created. Several contribution factors that will help cut the intermediaries system which typical delays a growth of an ecosystem.
However, let it be known that Ingot coin will provide all the solution that relates to delay in processing transaction process, allowing your profile anonymous without allowing it vulnerable to hackers or cybercriminals. It will help to join together both forms of money system to further consolidate the price value of our money in the global market through blockchain and smart contract technologies. All the above fact has made the Ingotcoin ecosystem an abode for all cryptocurrencies investors, intending investors, and users.

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