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INGOT coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that provides benefits and discounts in the ecosystem itself. The IC will be based on ERC20 technology. INGOT Coin is the first integrated blockchain-based Wallet with Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Accelerator; all rolled into a holistic ecosystem that rewards tokens and participants in the cryptocurrency market to use it and contribute to it, in addition to giving them the opportunity to invest in various lists of currencies, fiat currencies, stocks, and other finances. assets and instruments.

The IC Ecosystem will be based on the blockchain technology and will utilize Smart Contracts to facilitate the execution of different contracts, while analyzing the need for intermediaries and external constraints that restrict investors from fully engaging in all markets. By adopting blockchain, we are creating a specialized ecosystem that will substantially increase customers’ confidence, and most importantly liquidity markets provide efficient market pricing and access to funds for all variety of stakeholders.

The IC Ecosystem will transform trades, settlements and payments and make them instant, bringing together different components and cutting-edge third party intermediaries who increase the process and increase associated costs.

IC Solution: IC Ecosystem
INGOT Coin will create a complete solution by integrating 6 core ecosystems components and providing a one-stop shop for digital assets, traditional asset and currency markets to solve all the above-mentioned challenges, thus, creating a link between the crypto market and the traditional market. The IC Ecosystem will establish 6 different components to work hand in hand under one umbrella, providing all community members the chance to capitalize on upcoming opportunities in all markets. The Ecosystem’s components, as shown below, are the IC Wallet, IC Exchange, IC Brokerage, IC Digital Bank, IC

Certifier and IC ICO Accelerator.

 IC Wallet will be a blockchain based crypto wallet dedicated to working as a custodial for all cryptocurrencies in the Ecosystem. Participants will be able to use the wallet to send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies available in the market with ease and security. The wallets will contain multi signature and cold storage systems to create a secure and reliable environment for all stakeholders. The wallet allows for transfer of tokens from and to the exchange and other wallets. Furthermore, the wallet will be integrated with the IC Digital Bank, allowing users to pay with fiat and settle with crypto and vice versa.

IC Exchange will be integrated securely with the IC Wallet, IC Brokerage and IC Digital Bank through a user-friendly platform, a full fledge cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange will be listing major coins and newly issued ICOs to provide a complete diversified coin spectrum for market participants. The coins will be listed against other cryptos, fiat currencies and traditional financial instruments such as ETFs, and commodities. By incorporating the IC Exchange with the other components, investors are able to take a new route in terms of trading their cryptocurrencies and diversifying their portfolios.

IC Exchange will be charging paid by our coin, compared to payments done by other major cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. The maximum number of tokens distributed will be 120,000,000 IC.
Sign up now and get your free tokens, as well as a discount that will reach up to 30% on your token purchase!

  • Token IC
  • Price1 IC = 1 USD
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, BTC, TIO, Fiat
  • Minimum investment of USD7.5
  • Soft cap 37,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap of 90,000,000 USD
  • Raised $ 40,000,000
  • Country Estonia






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