Ingot Coin – Wallet All in One Platform, integrated blockchain-based Wallet


INGOT Coin will create a comprehensive solution that combines 6 key environmental components and provides a storage of digital assets, traditional assets and the currency market to create links between secret markets and traditional markets.

INGOT Coin is the first integrated blockchain-based Wallet with Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Accelerator
INGOT Coin (IC) aims to integrate the traditional financial industry with blockchain innovation by presenting a complete ecosystem that provides cryptoakses holders to all financial services.

Ticker name: IC
Standard token: ERC20
Tokens for distribution: 120,000,000 IC
Soft Cap: $ 37,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: $ 90,000,000 USD
Bonus: from 35% to 0% depending on the ICO period
Pre-ICO: ends on 30 June 2018
ICO: July 1? -? August 11 2018
Price: 1 IC = 1 USD
Payment received: ETH, BTC, Wire transfer, Visa, Mastercard
Note: Unsold tokens will be burned

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