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The crypto currency market, despite its rapid development, can still be considered quite young. And in it there are many problems which in one way or another complicate its development. Many companies set goals to solve this problem, looking for new ways to organize and optimize the trading process in the market. And I must say that this is not without results. Already, the project is under development which will simplify the trading process in the crypto currency market and make it more accessible, which will create conditions for its faster development. But, as long as there are still unsolved problems. One is the lack of connection between the crypto currency market and the more traditional financial markets. An investor will not be able to easily transfer crypto-currency assets to traditional assets. In addition, financial markets also have shortcomings, namely, lack of transparency, high costs for intermediaries, etc. And that is the solution of the problems offered by the INGOT project team.

About the project

INGOT is an ecosystem that, with the help of blocking technology, brings together the crypto currency market with traditional financial markets, while eliminating middlemen, and ensuring transparency of all trading processes. The project was developed by INGOT Group, a financial group that has been in the market since 1993, and through its company INGOT Brokers provides the widest range of services in the financial markets. The group started active activities to develop financial markets in the Middle East and North Africa. To this end, the consulting firm Sigma Investments was launched in Jordan. The INGOT Group also arranges the first trade exchange in Egypt. And with their initiative launched Dreamtechs, which offers digital solutions for its customers business.

Now let’s move closer to the ecosystem itself. The structure will include six components that will incorporate all the tools necessary to perform trading operations in both the crypto and traditional currency markets, and will also open the possibility of exchange of crypto-currency assets for more traditional ones. These components are: IC Wallet, IC Exchange, IC Brokerage, IC Digital Bank, IC Certifier and IC ICO Accelerator.

IC Wallet. One of the major components of the ecosystem will be the wallet for storing crypto assets, made on the basis of the block. Developers are guaranteed multi-level protection, and cold storage of user assets, which shows a high level of security. Note that in order to save funds, you can use IC Digital Bank, and valuable items – IC Brokerage.

IC Exchange. It is planned to make their own exchange, which will be available to trade tokens / coins as the main project, and which will only appear on the market. Also note that for users there will be API connections available with the leading exchange of crypto exchange. To ensure high liquidity, the exchange of various asset types can be done in several stages. For example, a user wants to exchange BTC for Apple shares (AAPL). In this way, BTC will be exchanged for the first USD, and then USD for AAPL. This process will be automatic, and will not take much time.

IC Broker. This component will open access to all traditional financial assets, such as international currencies, shares of the world’s largest companies, commodity assets (agriculture, metals, energy). Together with IC Wallet and IC Exchange, this component will provide an opportunity to react quickly to changes in the market situation by investing in different assets. For example, this component will allow you to trade in crypto / stock or crypto / commodity markets. Traders will be available the best traditional markets of the world such as the US stock market (Nasdaq, S & P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average), European stock markets (Germany, France, UK and so on D.), Commodity markets represented in the highest rated market, such as futures and CME ICE and ETF, which will include Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street and Tree Wisdom Tree.

IC Digital Bank. This component will support payments in the ecosystem around the clock. Also for users will be available instant payment function. Together with this, on the basis of this component, the investor will be able to open an account (from savings to broker). The developers promise a fast payment process, with minimal commissions. Provisions are made to issue cards that can be used to pay for goods and services in real life. Funds will be debited from the Wallet IC either from the account with IC Digital Bank, or from the IC Broker account.

IC Certifier. This component will provide educational and training functions for all users. Certified courses (on IT consultants, cryptography, financial consultancy) will be held within the framework, successful graduates will receive certificates that will be highly valued in the financial world.

IC ICO Accelerator. In this component, there will be broad organizational support for new companies and their withdrawal to ICO. Young teams will have access to advice on marketing strategies, advertising services, legal aspects of the process, etc. In addition, after ICO, the new \ token coin project will be placed on the IC Exchange’s domestic exchange.

Thus, the trading process within the INGOT ecosystem will occur through the integration of the functions of the four components of Wallet IC, IC Exchange, IC Brokerage and IC Digital Bank. Here is an example of how the crypto currency exchange process for traditional assets will occur:

Or examples of traditional asset exchange processes for fiat:

Sales Token (

Token – IC

Pre-sail – May 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018

Token-Selel – July 1, 2018 – August 11, 2018.

The token price is $ 1

The minimum amount of the fee is $ 37 million Amount

Maximum cost is $ 90,000,000

Token created – 120,000,000 ICs (unsold tokens will be burned)

Token distribution:

75% – sales

7% – discount for initial buyers

5% – Bounty

5% – teams (50% will be frozen for 12 months)

4% – advisors (50% will be frozen for 3 months)

4% – founders (50% will be frozen for 18 months)

Use of TOKEN

The token IC (created on blockbuster ethtereum) will be used in the ecosystem. Developers plan motivation systems for more active use. So, if the user pays the service with the IC token, he will receive a 5% to 50% discount (depending on the service). Also the token holder will receive a dividend. However, it has not been determined when exactly this payment will commence, but clarification is immediately made when INGOT will become stable and profitable.



All team members are on the site, and have a link to their profile on LinkedIn. The project itself has several management members who previously held high positions in companies such as Sigma Investments or INGOT Brokers. In fact, this team has a considerable number of participants, most of whom have been involved in the work of INGOT Group companies. Nice impression made by the advisory team. They are in this project 11. Agree, this is not enough. In addition, among them are figures who are quite experienced and successful in the field of finance and crypto. For example, Bogdan Fiedur (Co-founder of bitJob project, is an over 20 expert ICOBench version), which is involved in projects like PayPie, MyBit, SocialX, Truegame, Dana Swarm, BiNeuro, MFChain and many others. Also among the advisors would like to mention S ydney Ifergan (TOP 20 ICOBench version) who participated in projects such as DIW Token, XinFin, BTU Protocol, Swachhcoin, and Naviin Kapoor A (TOP 50 according to ICOBench) who participated in projects such as Paymon , BrickBlock, DEEP AERO, MFChain).

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