Howdy everyone, today the advancement makes with a staggering rate and the universe of digital money types of cash is growing rapidly it is essential for cryptographic money owner,investors,analysts and everyone in the cryptographic money to get data, examination and information to remain up with the most recent of current event happening in the consistent crypto space, a steadily increasing number of ICOs are being launched, and consequently, there is an increase in problems that plague these kinds of investments, such is the mistrust that potential investors have in the Crypto-Asset industry, because it’s somehow hard to differentiate between a legitimate and illegitimate ICO project. As a result, even high quality and legitimate startups or existing companies struggle to have a successful ICO I have a number of questions I ask and things I look out for in an ICO project before I could give such a project a yes-yes. One of the things I look out for is “the Goals, the Team and the Partners” of the project. And in this particular ICO project I’m writing about, it’s a yes-yes. Trust me, this is a great project ‘INGOT Coin’ the first fully integrated portfolio with Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier and ICO Accelerator.

About INGOT Coin
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INGOT Coin is the primary completely coordinated Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and ICO Accelerator. All segments are moved into a solitary and finish ecosystem, which rewards token holders and shoppers for utilizing and adding to it. INGOT Coin is a decentralized digital money which gives advantages and rebates inside the environment itself. IC will be founded on an ERC20 technology.
The central part of the INGOT comprises of its ecosystem which branches into several more functionality portals. These include:
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IC Digital Bank – encourages all exchanges, installments, and settlement inside the INGOT

IC Brokerage – for the financial specialists looking for additionally exchanging choices they can check for circumstances through the IC Brokerage entrance.

IC Exchange – IC additionally accommodates digital money and fiat exchanging through their exchange platform

IC wallet to hold the digital currencies, INGOT coin, and fiat cash

IC ICO Accelerator to advocate for interest in authentic ICO platform
IC Community for both enthusiasts and developers to interact and communicate
IC Liquidity Pool that offers insured liquidity for the INGOT COIN, fiat currencies, and other cryptocurrencies

What are the Benefits and Advantages of INGOT COIN

Advantages :
• Security.
• Highly liquid exchange.
• Multicurrency exchange.
• Minimizing the risks.
• Debit card.


As an all-inclusive ecosystem, INGOT is a pioneer in several ways, and consequently, it could have several potential benefits:

 The IC Bank accommodates decentralized records which empowers straightforwardness
 The peer-to-peer model allows for the decentralization of the transaction infrastructure.
 The IC Bank eliminates the need for fees with even the smallest of micropayments without an intermediary
 The IC wallet offers the most noteworthy models in regards to security which guarantee a smooth and protected method of exchange for the fiat and digital currency.

What Problem Do INGOTCOIN Solve?
At present, the money related framework needs in proficiency and straightforwardness. For the most part, in spite of the fame of blockchain and digital currency, there are a few issues, for example,

• Lack of association between customary money related and digital currency markets.

• Current market inadequate structure.

• High expenses in monetary markets.

• Impractical crypto leave methodologies.

• Lack of trust in crypto markets.

These issues influence numerous financial specialists to relinquish productive venture openings. INGOT Ecosystem offers a thorough answer for every one of these issues.
This arrangement is the production of a biological system that connections digital currency markets with the conventional speculation and monetary markets, accordingly making a scaffold to viably direct how these two unique environments can coincide and relate to enhance their autonomous budgetary prospects and advantages to the financial specialist.
IC Ecosystem will be the first in connecting the crypto universe to the current customary world.
TOKEN symbol – IC
Token type – ERC20
PRICE Token – $ 1
Hard Cap – $ 90,000,000
Soft-Cap – 37,000,000 USD
Launch of the Ico sale – 01 May 2018
İco’s sales end on June 30, 2018

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After going through this write up there are still more you need to know about Ingotcoin project pls feel free to visit the official site below for more enquiries:
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