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As revolutionary as it sounds, Blockchain truly is a mechanism to bring everyone to the highest degree of accountability. No more missed transactions, human or machine errors, or even an exchange that was not done with the consent of the parties involved. Above anything else, the most critical area where Blockchain helps is to guarantee the validity of a transaction by recording it not only on a main register but a connected distributed system of registers, all of which are connected through a secure validation mechanism.
Today, the number of exchanges has grown so much that the market needs unification to be able to continue to develop as a single organism. Users and their assets are split; therefore, liquidity is split, too. Crypto-currencies should unite people, companies, and financial streams, but the fragmentation of trading over several platforms leads to increased volatility of many cryptographic currencies and assets. This scares traditional investors away from investing in crypto-currencies. Low level of liquidity and considerable this scares traditional investors away from investing in crypto-currencies.
About Inmusik
Inmusik is a blockchain-powered music ecosystem for listeners and musicians to monetize from creating, discovering & up-voting music content. The system is built on a viable and scalable business model which uses cryptocurrency rewards for better accounting and provides a financial framework on which future music industry applications can be built. Add to this, the Inmusik blockchain is being created with the help of the major publishers to include digital rights management for every song added to the blockchain. While the platform will have independent content, it is all the first blockchain streaming app to have major label music.
InMusik platform offers decentralization opportunities for the crypto community and crypto sphere. Music has been evolving since mankind started living on this planet, and is continuously evolving since then and as of today, InMusik platform will bring the music into it’s next level of evolution, by inducing the blockchain technology into the music industry. InMusik platform offers equally distributed earning opportunities through rewards to everyone. That means, including listeners, musicians and the performers. $OUND Token is the first ever cryptocurrency of it’s kind. The team behind the platform have put everything they got to bring out this completely new and the best kind of maxing out one’s creativity in music while earning at the same time. The system is designed to mathematically recognize contributions and automatically pay users, all built on a viable and sustainable business model.


Fans and Listeners Earn with active engagement: The Inmusik streaming app rewards music lovers for their positive contribution to the community. Earn tokens for finding great new songs, voting to help the best music surface and for getting behind artists to help them succeed. Your love of music has never been so rewarding.

Musicians & Artists Enjoys Transparent and Instant Pay-out: Receive much larger payouts due to the unique way Inmusik platform is structured. Earn big from streams, for posting content, attracting new fans and when fans bet on your success. All earnings are pegged to the US Dollar to ensure payouts are consistent and fair. Transparent, instant and every stream captured using a 3rd generation distributed ledger.

Music Labels Offers Digital Rights & Payments Management: Inmusik is working with the biggest publishing companies in the world to create a better copyright management system for the entire industry, on blockchain. On top of that, we offer larger payouts for all content owners, real-time monitoring of earnings and automated distribution of payouts.
The Inmusik cryptocurrency, $OUND, is designed to be a future currency for the business of music and the company is building partnerships to enable creative uses. Here are some possible applications:

1. Tracking of Radio plays and managing payouts

2. Monitoring of TV/Movie plays and managing payouts

3. Using AI to understand emotional connection users have with music

4. Live music streaming of home concerts and arena concerts

5. Music recording software leased/rented on demand based on usage time and exports

6. Live ticketing solutions

7. Ticketing security solutions

8. Profit sharing on live events

9. Merchandise printed on demand with simpler logistics

10. Music education online

11. Online mixing, production and mastering services

12. Online music collaboration

13. Copyright protection and usage tracking

14. Review platform for artists/writers

15. A blogging platform for industry professionals, producers, mixers, etc.

16. Virtual recording sessions

17. Band matching by calculating fan overlaps for festival bookings

18. Location services for festivals

19. Crowdfunding for artists

20. A range of music creation services

21. A range of music financial services



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