InnovaMinex 1 Blockchain of Precious Metals Mines

Hello everyone, friends! Today I will tell you about the Innovaminex project, which plans to introduce blockchain technology in the extraction of precious metals and other processes related to this industry.

It’s no secret that gold, like other precious metals, has been a loyal friend for centuries. The basic functions of this metal change every century, starting from the means of accumulating power and luxury. In today’s modern technological era, precious metals are used as an important element of industry and electrical engineering. Starting from ancient times, metal mining methods continued to change and improve, ranging from washing ancient sand in rivers to high-tech industrial mines, mines, mining.

Current technological developments have led to a sharp surge in the production of precious metals, but few people know what problems exist in the field of industrial mining of various types of precious metals. One of the main problems is illegal mining of these metals, which contributes to the huge losses to the mining industry.

In the current era of modern technology, the blockchain is coming to help the precious metals mining industry, which will help create a transparent and affordable system for the extraction of precious metals for the entire community. Thanks to the introduction of blockchain, the industry will be able to prevent the formation of new sources of illegal and hidden metal mining and all kinds of human rights violations.

This technology also contributes to increasing transparency at all stages of production. For example, when buying gold jewelry, buyers will be able to scan the product code chip and track the entire chain of jewelry production, starting from the production itself. No one can change this data, because the blockchain won’t allow it. All data is recorded in it and is available to all the public.

The project is an innovative business model using blockchain technology to ensure traceability of precious metals. By implementing a number of procedures, it is possible to certify the entire process, from the origin in the mine, to the refinery and commercialization to the final consumer. This commercialization can be done through our e-commerce, partner stores and our own ATMs.

This would be able to enable buyers to verify the origin of the metal they are acquiring, and ensure that legal extraction, that the environment has been protected at all times, or that it cannot be used for money laundering, because all transactions are registered and the whole community has access to them .

The main goal of our project is to make gold and other precious metals more accessible to everyone through cryptocurrency, INX, get the best prices for our clients and communities, by emphasizing the transparency and security of our transactions.

Benefits of INX Tokens

  • For mining mines – big bonuses and discounts when buying INX tokens
  • For refineries – There are factories that use crypto payments. The Innovaminex project will try to integrate into as many of these plants as possible.
  • For e-commerce – INX will be the main currency in the company’s online store, where there will be exclusive discounts.
  • Market – Tokens will be traded on the famous cryptocurrency currency exchange
  • ATM – You can buy or sell INX tokens directly at the ATM.

Token info

Token INХ
Platform Own
Type Own
Price in ICO 0.5000 USD

Phase 1 30%
Phase 2 24%
Phase 3 16%
Phase 4 10%

Tokens for sale 210,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment 1 INX
Distributed in ICO 70%

Soft cap 10000000 USD
Hard cap 52500000 USD


Searching for mining prospects: Direct investment is achieved for Verada Guayaquil project. Six other gold mining concessions are negotiated.

November 2018
Initiation of the assembly plant at the Guayaquil project. Additional explorations conducted into the Vizcaya project. The hoarding of minerals begins.

November 2018
On the 26th the official sale of INX begins. There will be 4 phases with different types of discounts up to 30%. It will last until January 21st.

December 2018
INX will be listed in several exchange platforms and ATMs worldwide.

January 2019
Our e-commerce for the sale of gold and silver is launched (launch of the marketing campaign to create awareness for our innovative products).

February 2019
Initiation of the refinery and start of the refining of gold with other mines and associations.

April 2019
Beginning the assembly of the Bolívar 2 project plant. This is the second plant of InnovaMinex.

April 2019
InnovaMinex ATMs: Precious metals commercialization and start-up of the first ATMs selling gold, INX and other cryptocurrencies.

May 2019
Opening of the mine entrance for the Vizcaya project and hoarding of minerals.

June 2019
The plant at the Guayaquil 1 project starts operation and the construction of the beneficiation plant at the Bolívar 2 project begins, in addition to mineral hoarding.

August 2019
The assembly of the beneficiation plant at the Vizcaya project starts. The rehabilitation and construction of the main galleries at the Antioquia 3 project begins.

September 2019
Commercialization of our gold and other precious metals, processed by our refinery.

May 2020
The extraction and stockpiling of minerals at Minex 7 begins, as well as the construction of the main galleries, extraction and stockpiling of minerals in Minex 12.

June – July 2020
The beneficiation plant at Antioquía 3 begins operations, and the construction of the Minex 7 plant starts.

February – September 2021
The Minex 7 plant starts operating and the construction of the Minex 12 beneficiation plant commences. The hoarding and construction of the main tunnels of the Tolima project begins.



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