The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is Innovative Bioresearch, a secretly held biotech organization situated in Italy has arrived.


Innovative Bioresearch is a secretly held biotech organization situated in Italy. Possessed and established by inquire about researcher Jonathan Fior with the objective of conveying advancement to the field, with an emphasis on HIV, malignancy and recovery look into. We are propelling a Token Sale for supporting our AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome related with HIV disease) cure look into, and additionally to build up an application giving an on one hand a decentralized database for clinical information produced by our future human preliminaries, to beat the impediments of the momentum antiquated unified databases, and then again a social stage for the HIV seropositive network and our future administrations. We should begin by concentrating on the principal objective of this Token Sale, which is to help our AIDS cure examine, with a review of the flow province of SupT1 cell mixture treatment, the novel cell-based treatment for HIV brought about by Jonathan Fior, proprietor and boss logical officer of Innovative Bioresearch.

How Does Innovative Bioresearch Work?

For explore ventures, Jonathan Fior functions as PI (main examiner), considering the investigations and composing the examination convention. The work is then dispatched to a Contract Research Organization (CRO), which physically plays out the analyses. Jonathan Fior at that point regulates all perspectives identified with the exploration discussing intimately with the CRO. Once the trials are finished, he breaks down the outcomes and composes a logical paper, which is distributed in a companion looked into logical diary. This implies despite the fact that our group is certainly not a vast group, we really have organizations with 100+ individuals working for us. Along these lines we can keep a little, yet solid and awesome, group. We just distribute on open access logical diaries as we have faith in free data and don’t need our information being taken cover behind a paywall.


One of our key destinations is to create recumbent cell imbuement treatment, our low cell-based treatment for HIV, to empower access to treatment for individuals who are normally left untreated because of social and/or financial restrictions. There are 36.7 million individuals tainted with HIV all around by 2016, 17.5 million are left untreated, as per unaids. We gauge our treatment to be less expensive than antiretroviral treatment (ART), which is traditional medication based treatment for HIV, and significantly more affordable than quality treatment items that utilization altered autologous cells offered by our rivals. The social and financial effect of minimal effort HIV medicate arrangements, for example, supt1 cell implantation treatment will be enormous.We plan to utilize this application particularly for our AIDS mending research, to address the impediments of the ebb and flow brought together database. Be that as it may, we accept there might be enthusiasm for utilizing our applications by others. Be that as it may, this will be an application composed by inquire about researchers for look into researchers. Our database will be available to any organization or establishment keen on utilizing our application to store their clinical information. In addition, we will urge them to do as such as we trust the logical information ought to be freely shared on our applications.

The fundamental issue these days is various bothers in the brought together database that as of now exists for clinical data. All information gathered amid medicinal research, joined into a solitary logical paper which, once distributed in logical diaries, beforehand held various free checks (additionally distributed in the NIH open information base). Once another remedial methodology goes through all phases of clinical research, numerous examination gatherings can start testing. After conclusive treatment endorsement, treatment can be recommended straightforwardly for the patient.

The greater part of this implies when the exploration group needs to lead a particular clinical investigation, truth be told, all patients have singular qualities, so a customized mind convention is required. A comparable issue emerges in the organization of affirmed treatment for the patient, consequently it is fundamental through an expansive rundown of documentation to decide the right treatment convention. This isn’t just a monotonous procedure, however it can likewise cause human mistake factors.

Innovative Bioresearch proposes to take care of such issues with access to clinical information by making new decentralized databases in light of square innovation. This will be done in another application called “You’re not the only one”. The application will be furnished with a simple to-utilize interface that enables doctors to present different fundamental parameters for every patient (age, tallness, phase of malady, ethnic et al.), And results of clinical treatment conventions.

Applications through access to every one of these information will do their improvement, factual investigation and make a suggested administer to every patient, in this way disposing of the need to physically process a lot of information, for example, in a unified clinical database that right now exists. “You are not the only one” will likewise archive all the advance of research extends on HIV and AIDS treatment, make methodical updates, distribute articles. networks will be made, where HIV-constructive individuals can speak with each other, post remarks and counsel with specialists, and all discourses will be under the supervision of gathering mediators. The application will likewise give data on all cutting edge clinical preliminaries, how to partake in it, about the whole rundown of restorative organizations.

Imaginative Bioresearch and ICO Tokens

To help research and application improvement, Innovative Bioresearch distributes its own particular money, called INNBC. Tokens depend on the blockbuster Ethereum (ERC20), which demonstrates an abnormal state of solid security and liquidity. The aggregate number of INNBC tokens created for the Hard Cup: 50 million, 100 million different tokens will be held only for advance financial help, and they won’t be accessible available to be purchased. Pre-ICO starts on May 1, 2018 (20 million INNBC-tokens are assigned). The principle Token deals will be held in June (assigning around 30 million INNBC-tokens). The two phases will most recent 1.5 months.

Innovative Bioresearch ICO Detail

ICOs are an extremely profitable for our general public, however you need to precisely watch that the task is genuine before contributing. We can reveal to you this about our task. We are a biotech organization performing novel biomedical research, and logical research is something genuine. Something that separates our ICO from the other ICO contributions is that it depends on our AIDS cure examine. Behind our undertaking there are in this way numerous long stretches of diligent work and speculations to perform and distribute our exploration. Financial specialists with us realize that they are putting into something genuine and concrete, and not in one of those air pocket cleanser extends that vanish the day after the ICO on the grounds that they are not illuminating any main problem and are only a gathering of extravagant introductions. With us, financial specialists can without much of a stretch confirm that our undertaking is something genuine and genuine by checking the distributions on the NIH database pub med.

Token Name: INNBC

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

We have a hard cap of 50million INNBC. A 20million cap for the pre-sale, and a 30million cap for the sale.

We will use the additional funds to perform further clinical research (phase 4 trials) and we will also create a fund to provide our HIV treatment free of charge for patients who can’t afford it.

We will organize a pre-ICO first. We will offer a 20% discount in the pre-sale (498INNBC per 1ETH), and a 10% discount in the successive sale (456INNBC per 1ETH). Regular emission price was set as 1EUR (1,23USD) per 1INNBC, corresponding to 415INNBC per 1ETH, with respect to the ETH/EUR exchange rate on the day of smart contract creation (16 April 2018).

Discount amount:

20% for Pre-ICO;

10% for the main Token Sales.

Minimum purchase size is 10 INNBC tokens.

Funds received after ICO will be distributed as follows:

50% of all funds will be spent on further research on AIDS treatment methods;

20% will be allocated for ecosystem development;

15% will be used to develop the application;

10% for stock JDM cars;

5% of the remaining funds will be used to maintain and maintain the application.

Access to use of INNBC tokens will be opened only after all crypto currencies have been sold out during ICO. Also, Innovative Bioresearch currency holders will be able to sell it to other users, thereby providing last access to the platform. Innovative Bioresearch wants to give all its investors something more, supporting INNBC-token values ​​also physically.



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