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Greetings friends,i will share a throw more light on the potentiality of Inscoin as the Blockchain based insurance company.

One thing that has defined the insurance sector over thousands of years is its ability to adapt its practices to fit with a changing technological landscape. From contracts written on parchment to websites and big data, the industry has changed rapidly.

Blockchain technologies can help the wholesale insurance sector fulfill its role in underpinning the global economy more effectively. Just as blockchain is being pursued as a force for positive change in other areas of society – from identification for refugees to better public service delivery – it can also help wholesale insurance to discharge its responsibilities for the common good,the KNOX project is to become the first insurance company to unite the real world with digital technology using blocking technology, and to create the most effective structure in this industry in order to solve the problem of certification and anti-forgery of insurance policies. Insurance policies will be issued both in paper form and in the form of smart contracts. The customer will be able to maintain full control in real time, in full transparency and security.

Applying blockchain to this issue would mean that both the insurance contract and the consumer’s personal data could be stored on a distributed ledger, with the consumer being in control of who has access,the data remains stored on the user’s personal device and this may eliminate the need for brokers and other intermediaries that have emerged as mediators between insurers and consumers. Not only does blockchain offer the promise of cost reduction and efficiency, but it could also enable revenue growth, as insurers attract new business through higher-quality service.

Token sales details:

Total Supply: 500’000’000 INSC

Tokens for sale: 270’000’000 ISNC

Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 5’000 INSC

Soft Cap: 4’000 ETH

Pre-ICO starts: June 23, 2018

Pre-ICO ends: July 7, 2018

‍Pre-sale Price : 1 INSC = 0.0002 ETH

ICO Price: 1 INSC = 0.0002 ETH

Accepting: ETH

Soft cap: 4000 ETH

Hard cap: 39444 ETH

Bonuses: Up to 30%

ICO starts: July 23, 2018

ICO ends: August 23, 2018

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Website :

Whitepaper :







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