INSPEM ICO REVIEW – Getting the best out of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology!

The concept of the inspem service was introduced in 2015. It allows users to find other people that they have randomly encountered on the subway, in the parks or any other locations. Then by 2016, the team decided to change its direction. A new vision was formed as regard to the INSPEM platform which is to reach the multibillion market and become a more technologically advanced company, which will employ artificial intelligence and will also be able to apply video analytics based on learning neural networks for face recognition.

Employment of learning neural networks allow to reach exceptional video analytics effectiveness results. The search for the required person comes to a brand new level. By 2020 there would be more than 1 billion of vidceo cameras worldcwide. Any of those devices would be able to operate under our platform. Active implementation of partner services, which are targeted on the city safety improvement, ranging from the online registration of street fights and robberies with immediate transfer of such information to the appropriate services, to saving lives through prompt responce.


  • Missing people search

Search squads and special services still search for missing people using flashlights in the outdoors and abandoned buildings. This is now a history!

  • Witnesses search

Got your wallet, bag or other valuable item stolen? Find witnesses or video footage from the crime scene.

  • Bystanders search

Looking for a person, who was in a specific place at specific time and you don’t know how to find them? It is now possible within a few clicks!

  • Search for criminals

The security of the city is provided by CCTV Cameras, however many districts drop out of sight range of vision. There are blind spots even in central areas. The surveillance is hindered during mass arrangements. We will help to solve this problem!


Key features
● The large scale of the INSPEM service allow carrying out the search in any corner of the Earth.
● The INSPEM ver.2.0 platform would employ the advanced video analytics based on learning neural networks for the swiftest and the most effective face recognition.
Our solution
Our technology is built around the main principle: being able to find a person without revealing their personal information, which is of utmost importance in most of the countries.
Any person on the planet would be able to connect any IP-camera, smartphone or a driving recorder to our platform on a software level. The connection would be established by the means DynDNS or P2P services, which are the most accessible for the regular user. The camera would remain at the same place and record footage as usual. The only requirement is the Internet connection.
Then the user logs into INSPEM, registers his camera by specifying its serial number and password. After that, the service requests the network location of the camera from the vendor’s server and passes it to the nearest (in terms of the network) host for processing. What we get is the decentralization and the minimal network load. Vendor’s servers together with INSPEM participate in the connection establishment stage, while INSPEM tracks the analytics operations and receive results.

INSPEM will be collaborating with Government to save people’s live. If a walker on the street, somehow gets injured or a heart problem, the people near him can record its video and the family member can be informed about it. Also, as a first prototype solution, INSPEM consider collaboration with Ambulance Drone.
Similarly, INSPEM will be helpful for those who got their precious hings or bag stolen. They just need to submit a request and te bystanders will inform if they find something helpful thing around the location like the way the thief is running on his car. Also, finding persons name, searching for the desored person can be done on the platform.
INSPEM will be collecting revenues from the user who searches for another person or wants the footage available. They will be paying an amount which will allow INSPEM to earn and reward the user who uploaded that.


As the Pre-Sale and ICO commences, the INSPEM platform will release and distribute the INP token.

The INSPEM will be functioning from the INP token. It is an Ethereum based token, and will be supported by any ERC-20 compatible wallet.
So the start of the Presale is sceduled at 20th of March to 16th of April or when the hardcap is reached. Hardcap is fixed at 2000 ETH.
Platform – Ethereum
Token Standard – ERC-20
Base price – 1 ETH per 5000 INP
Minimal Investent – 0.1 ETH

Schematic representation of the interaction process:


During Pre-Sale and ICO the INSPEM platform releases and distributes the INP token. All the expenditure reports automatically register into the Ethereum blockchain. The INSPEM team would also publish detailed reports concerning the expenses. The reports are published on the official INSPEM blog:
The INP token essence INP — is an Ethereum based token, which supports the ERC-20 standard.
The INP token is a utility-token, since it is only appropriate for usage of the INSPEM platform’s internal features. The token holders do not received dividends and do not participate in company managements. Therefor INP is not a securitytoken and is not affected by the financial regulators.
● 80% of tokens would be distributed to investors during the ICO;
● 15% of tokens would be dedicated to founders and developers;
● 5% of tokens would be spent within the bounty campaign framework.
● 40% — development and integration. Developing the INSPEM platform based on the already existing MVP with deep machine learning (artificial intelligence) and blockchain technology. Integration of partner systems with the INSPEM platform and the «smart cities» connection in order to access the maximal possible number of cameras around the world. Renovation of the mobile applications and web-platform. Developing of our own API for interaction of any video devices with our software.
● 30% — marketing expenses for participation in the international exhibitions, PR, users and partners engaging for swift exponential growth;
● 20% — primary fund for token maintenance of token exchange liquidity and INP buy-back from the investors;
● 10% — operating expenses for the office, legal support.

Realization of Pre-Sale

INP token purchase bonuses during Pre-Sale for early investors

Realization of ICO

INP token purchase bonuses during ICO for early investors

PRE-SALE [20 March, 2018–16 April, 2018]
IСO [01 May, 2018–28 May, 2018]
You can visit the following:

Your link to BTT Profile:;u=1075518

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