INSPEM uses artificial intelligence technology to recognize faces and objects using static phones and cameras, built on blockchains that encourage full transparency.
INSPEM LLC was established in 2015. The legal entity is registered on April 03, 2015 with DUNS Number: 102122-196939
INSPEM has apps that work for android & iOS with over 20,000 downloads.
INSPEM has more than 10 000 registered users. The main website is and can be translated into 28 languages.
When INSPEM service is introduced in 2015, it allows users to find people they meet randomly. INSPEM thinks this idea will be used rampantly by the majority of men, but for team shock, as shown by statistical data, 40% of the application’s user population is fema. The women just take photos of people they love on the road from a distance, upload the photos to our service and wait for some acquaintances to recognize the man and share his social networking profile.
-> Searching for missing people is still done using a flashlight. The special search and service squad uses inefficient methods but with INSPEM, this will continue to evolve!
-> Find a witness or videotape when something is stolen from you.
-> Looking for someone, who is in a certain place at a certain time and you do not know how to find it? Now maybe in a few clicks!
-> City security is provided by CCTV Cameras, but many districts are losing sight of their views. There are blind spots even in central areas. This supervision is blocked during mass arrangements. We will help solve this problem!
Search AI-assisted people
-> Employment of neural network learning makes it possible to achieve exceptional video analysis effectiveness results. The search for the needed person comes to a new level.
The whole world is visible
By 2020 there will be over 1 billion vidceo cameras worldwide. Each of these devices will be able to operate under our platform.
Safety + Health
-> Active implementation of partner services, targeted at improving urban security, ranging from online registration of street fights and robberies with direct transfer of information to the right service, to saving lives through rapid response.
For government structure
We are quite open to collaborate with government services, which search people but are limited to their resources or meet one or more of the following obstacles: lack of video cameras in certain areas, dead zones, poor video quality, etc. . We aim to be a direct contributor to the establishment of a safe city. Here’s an example: a mass event. To provide security, government organs connect to the platform, specify the event area and upload a database of their villain images. This is a priority task for INSPEM. Additional miners are currently connected and improved analysis is underway.
For users
Our technology allows to solve a lot of everyday tasks, when you do not know the first and last names of the person, who was in a specific location at a specific time. An example of such tasks: a person got their bag stolen or lost their documents and knows the approximate position of that event. He submits an announcement to the system with a specified geolocation, and all the bystanders who were in that spot at that time can help them. Perhaps, they saw that incident or captured something relevant on their car’s driving recorder. A person searches for a car crush witnesses and is ready to pay for video captured from a car that was driving by, when the accident occurred. Anyone who has a relevant footage could help him. Another person simply marks the key points of the route on which they have been driving on today and instantaneously see the footage requests (if the person installs our smartphone application, the route would be created automatically). They receive a reward and help the victim. 8 Desired person search. This task got our project started. The amount of registered people and announcements submitted to the INSPEM service directly demonstrate its potential. A guy liked a girl he saw on a concert, or in the park/on a subway/in a cafe, but he was too shy to get acquainted. How would he find her now? He should submit an announcement to our service with the geolocation and
exact time when he met her, and then wait for her response, or for her friends to share a link to her social network profile. Our statistics have shown, that the women submitted almost a half of all announcements.
Who pays for this?
The most concerned person in our structure is the user, who searches for specific people or witnesses/bystanders from a certain scene. They require information on a person, or a footage from the scene. These people are ready to pay for the valuable information. They already pay us within the framework of current INSPEM service with not fully realized functionality.
Why blockchain?
On a worldwide scale, processing of large video streams require huge capacities and resources. Our platform is compatible with the «smart» cameras that already perform the primary video processing and provide ready face images, which would significantly reduce the network load. Nevertheless, not everybody have such cameras. That is why we will employ miners’ capacities as the most effective and rational mean for video analytics based on neural networks.
During Pre-Sale and ICO the INSPEM platform releases and distributes the INP token. All the expenditure reports automatically register into the Ethereum blockchain. The INSPEM team would also publish detailed reports concerning the expenses. The reports are published on the official INSPEM blog:
● 40% – development and integration. Developing the INSPEM platform based on the already existing MVP with deep machine learning (artificial intelligence) and blockchain technology. Integration of partner systems with the INSPEM platform and the «smart cities» connection in order to access the maximal possible number of cameras around the world. Renovation of the mobile applications and web-platform. Developing of our own API for interaction of any video devices with our software.
● 30% – marketing expenses for participation in the international exhibitions,
PR, users and partners engaging for swift exponential growth;
● 20% – primary fund for token maintenance of token exchange liquidity and
INP buy-back from the investors;
● 10% – operating expenses for the office, legal support.
Realization of Pre-Sale:
Realization of ICO:



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