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Instant Access Medical (IAM) is a blockchain based project that aims to develop a digital health service delivery system that connects medical tourism patients with medical organizations and organizations. The platform also aims to improve the quality and accessibility of health services while eliminating decentralized health tourism services to meet the needs of medical clients.

A one-platform IAM aimed at resolving health care problems, including insurance fraud, drug compliance, prescription drug abuse, and also medical mobility problems. For business partners, Guardtime, Healthcare Gateway, and DXS iAM solutions will cover more than 70% of the UK population.


The services provided by IAM include insurance, medical provider license verification, P2P authentication, medical verification and personal data.

Users can share their profile (protected by blockchain) and pay for services with IAM warnings. IAM Health Economics is governed by smart contracts. Patients, doctors, insurance companies, researchers, public health authorities, and large pharmaceutical companies have different goals. iAM negotiates conflicting goals and gives results to all participants.

The IAM Token Code supports the Instant Medical Access platform. Tokens are the primary payments received for goods and services offered on the market. IAM can be purchased at an open sale token. After sales, token holders can be sold.

What is Instant Medical Access?

Instant Medical Access changes everything by making a single lifetime health record under your control. Easy and portable management of health data in comprehensive and up-to-date records and the ability to share SMART with health professionals to get the best results.

Instant Medical Access has real world intellectual property. Their health record solution – HealthOne – has been used for more than 30 years by more than 3,000 doctors in 5 countries, 4 languages ​​and 18 specialties. The CEO and their team have real-world experience in the fields of medicine, health, business and technology with a successful track record in building and delivering EHR, personal care records, care pathways, electronic prescription exchanges, pharmaceutical systems and health benefits, clinical decision support systems, pharmaceutical management company, as well as a successful consulting career with multinational companies and major potential client systems such as the NHS in the UK.

IAM’s personal care record platform solves global problems in the health care industry using Blockchain technology. The iAM platform is a unique solution for consumers and health professionals. All parties in health and social care can benefit from the iAM solution, including patients, doctors, nurses, care providers, funders, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and researchers. Features developed specifically for the iAM platform enable increased clinical results while reducing global medical costs. iAM automates clinical processes through evidence-based personal care channels and minimizes manual data entry.

What are the drivers of the value behind the price of IAM tokens?

The main driver behind the price of IAM tokens is demand through an ecosystem where tokens can be used. Licenses, access fees, and usage rights and fees for interacting with the iAM Platform / Health Information Exchange are settled in iAM tokens. Demand for tokens must increase if the use of services offered by iAM Platform / Health Information Exchange increases.

Review and Analysis of ICO Medical Instant Access

Review and analysis of Medical Instant Access by ICO analysts:


  • This project has formed a great industrial partnership
  • The value proposition for solving the biggest problems of health care including insurance fraud, medication compliance, prescription abuse and also the problem of the portability of medical data, is quite unique among ICOs.

Potential concern

  • Hardcap 35 million USD is slightly on the higher side of ICO from the perspective of potential investors
  • The allocation of tokens related to company reserves is quite large, with a total of 38% of the token supply allocated to this function

Instant Access to Medical ICO Assessment:  BB

Instant Access Details of medical rankings by ICO analysts – Learn more about ratings and ratings  here

Ranking category How to evaluate Rating
Team legitimacy How experienced are teams in blockchain and industry project track records? 3.25
First impression What is the first impression given by the ICO website and the whitepaper? 3
Potential tokenization model How attractive are tokens from the perspective of project business and ICO investors? 2.9
Hard Hat Is the ICO limit attractive from an investor’s perspective? 2.75
Token Allocation + Fund allocation How are tokens allocated after making tokens? How will funds collected from ICO be distributed in moving forward with the project? 3
Material professionalism available How good is ICO marketing material? 3.3
Roadmap realism compared to team size and budget The road map is divided into 4 levels according to the amount of money collected 3.25
Partnership network Has the ICO announced partnerships, if so how big and credible are their companies? 4
Management organization background Has the management organization had a successful track record in business? NA
Size of the social media community How big is the social media community, especially Telegram and Twitter? 2.75
Reviews on other ICO sites and media Are there other reviews about ICO available? 3.5
Is it easy to find relevant information from the material provided? Is it easy to find relevant information from the material provided? 4

What is the value of the Instant Medical Access proposition?

The IAM value proposition consists of the following benefits:

  • Security record by Guardtime Scale of the KSI Industry Blockchain & sharing records are governed by smart contracts.
  • Reducing waste and accelerating transactions by creating a health care economy that is tokenized.
  • Trusted, digital and portable health records that streamline settlement of insurance claims and minimize manual errors.


IAM Token

  • Token symbol: 433
  • Total supply: 500 000 000 (500 million)
  • Available for public sales: 250 000 000 (250 million)
  • Token distribution
    • 50% Sales Tokens
    • To order 38%
    • 8% Team & Founder
    • 2% Community Engagement
    • 2% Bounty Campaign
  • Fund distribution (calculated based on achievement of hard cap 35 million USD)
    • 75% of health service delivery ($ 26 million)
    • 25% Platform Development & Launch Fee ($ 9M)

Ticker: Now

Delivery of token-ICO. : 250 000 000

The size of the hard cap: 35 000 000 USD

Token sale
ICO start date. 19 November 2018

ICO end date. 31 December 2018

Accepted currencies. : ETH

Bonus program.
Public presale: discount 88%

Mainsale 1: 60% off%

Mainsale 2: 40% off%

Mainsale 3: 20% off%

Mainsale 4: 0% off%

Distribution of tokens.
50% sale to customers in the sale of tokens

38% – IAM reserve

8% – team and founders

2% – community participation

2% – reward campaign

Allocation of funds.
75% – provision of health services ($26 million). USA)

25% – platform development and launch costs ($ 9 million)

Start date of pre-sale preparation. 24 September 2018

Date of completion of pre-sale preparation. 12 November 2018






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