Instant Acess Medical is an healthcare platform which aims at delivering the best possible healthcare outcomes for their users by exploiting the healthcare token based economy to give patients control over their life journey.
This platform has been in use by 3,000 physicians, in 5 countries, and 18 specialities providing effective manage and sharing comprehensive medical records securely with a range of proveriders in primary and secondary health care. In the light of the amazing experience of the users, the project is integrating a keyless signature blockchain to secure the exchange of health data and utilising Etherium blockchain for smart contacts to govern permission access.
The primary mission of the project is to create back better health future for all, and set to be achieved by putting blockchain technology at the heart if your life-long personal healthcare records.

Here are reasons why you should consider investing in this great project not just as a medical personnel but also as a lover good health:

  • SECURITY: IAM will pay a critical attention to secure data of users, by utilizing a keyless signature infrastructure. It will ensure patients have records that are compliant with HIPAA and GDPR. IAM users will be able to share this data using the Guardtime Health Information Exchange. This platform uses smart contracts to manage payments.
  • RELIABILITY: As a result of the authentication procedure provided by the Fund, health-care organizations and providers can provide better services to patients. It is a challenge to customer satisfaction and increase their trust.
  • EASY AND QUICK ACESSABILITY: The IAM Mobile App makes it possible for it’s users to acess medical record and monitor their health condition anytime and anywhere. The following are the features of the Mobile App:

Healthcare GPS

This feature makes it possible to manage your health by importing all your medical data from the GP or anywhere else. This then allows user to purchase various services from iAM and other partners to manage your health effectively.

Smart Alerts

With this feature, you can regain control of your health. This app creates a route for personal care with actions based on the updated data. You will also never miss an appointment thanks to the alerts.

Health Check Data

This feature makes it possible for users to view their health records with ease, anytime. For instance, you can see the results of packed cell volume (PCV) also Blood pressure. They are represented graphically to ensure that users can easily understood them. You can also get access to other physiological parameters such as weight, height, and more. This can be imported from wearable technology and other medical records.

The IAM Token supports the Instant Access Medical platform. Tokens are the main accepted payment for goods and services offered on the market. IAM can be purchased on the open Selling of tokens. After the sale, the token holder can be sold.

Name : Instant Access Medical
Symbol : IAM
Price : 0.40 USD
Token Supply : 500,000,000
Token Type : ERC20 Utility Token
Rate : 1 IAM = 0.40 USD
PRE-ICO Start Date : 24 / September / 2018
PRE-ICO END Date : 25 / October / 2018
ICO Start Date ICO : 25 / October / 2018


CONCLUSION: Of all being said above, it is so glaring that this project is going to be a success, why don’t you be a part of it and buy tokens now!

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