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Health care is one of the most profitable areas and at the same time the area that attracts the attention of the majority of scammers. At the moment, medical data are of great importance. Their improper or illegal use can bring great losses not only to the citizens themselves, but also to medical institutions and pharmacological companies.

Due to the high susceptibility of this sphere to the actions of intruders, a number of negative consequences arise:

  • patients lose the ability to manage their medical data, the cost of which has increased significantly in recent years;
  • health facilities cannot provide effective treatment;
  • insurers can not protect themselves from fraud in the field of health insurance;
  • researchers cannot obtain reliable data on the health status of the population;
  • analysts acquire unreliable data about patients at an inflated cost.

All this leads to an increase in mortality and financial losses in a number of areas, which amount to more than $ 500 billion a year.

A new platform called iAM will solve all the above problems and provide quality patient care.

Project objective

The main goal of the developers of this project is to solve most of the problems in the field of health care and ensure the highest quality of medical services.


Principle of operation

Interaction within the framework of this platform will be carried out by means of smart contracts between the following categories:

  • patients;
  • doctors;
  • insurers;
  • researchers;
  • analytical center.

At the same time, all participants of the site will interact with each other using a special application, the main user of which will be patients. This application will store the following information:

  • data on the current state of the patient (blood test results, pressure level information, and more);
  • case history;
  • notes and reminders to visit your doctor;
  • history of used medical products and data on their effectiveness.

By using this application, the user can at any time read the above data. Moreover, with this program, the patient can open a chat and pre-consult on his question from a doctor.

In addition, patients can use the application to anonymously sell personal medical data to various research laboratories and analytical centers. For data transfer, the user will be rewarded with IAM coins, which can then be used to pay for the services of doctors and medical centers.


This application can also be used by doctors to create the most effective treatment program for patients, which saves not only time but also money.

Upon receipt of consent from the client, this application can be used by insurers, which will allow them to assess risks, as well as reduce costs and eliminate the possibility of fraud.

Research and analytical companies will be able to buy reliable data directly from customers, excluding the possibility of selling data by scammers. This will increase the efficiency of medicines produced by pharmaceutical companies and reduce their cost.


The main resource used on this platform will be IAM coins, which can be purchased during the ICO.

ICO dates and details

Public sale of IAM coins will be carried out in the period from January 16 to March 14, 2019. A total of 500 million coins will be sold. The cost of one token will be $ 0.16 in the first weeks of sale and $ 0.4 in the period from 1st to 14th of March.

Hardcap of the project is $ 35 million.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:



This idea of the platform to solve many health problems is very relevant. The success of this project is provided by several significant factors, an experienced team of specialists worked on its creation and the project already has a mobile application, which is used by 1.8 million athletes and 3,000 employees of medical institutions in 5 different countries.

In this regard, investing in this project, you do not risk almost anything, as you invest in a ready-made business, designed not only for British citizens, but also for people from all over the world.

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