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Our blockchain, IoT and AI-based platforms empower ASEAN citizens to take control of their health. From food supply chains to personal health data, we want you to feel better and live longer!

Insured Investment

The first of its kind, Archipelago extends investment insurance to all BBO investors. As a result, all BBO STO holders are guaranteed that the use of funds will be exactly as stated in this whitepaper.

Passive Income

BBO investors have a unique opportunity to benefit from high token selling points in each phase and long-term holding tokens. Investors will get the following benefits:

• They will receive 15% of the annual profit of the Ecosystem which will be declared a dividend. As a token holder, you will receive this passive income every year.

• Bamboo Ecosystem will pay a Bullet Bonus of 5% of the accumulated BBO profit for the first 5 years.

This passive income will be paid to all token holders as a one-time incentive for loyalty. BBO STO stands out because ICO and equity tokens do not offer passive income. What’s more, because users accept these forms of passive income, they will still have ownership of their tokens.


Farmers who adopt BBO parameters will be given BBO token prizes. This token will be in their wallet and can be used anywhere in the Ecosystem where the tokens are received.

Adoption of the Bamboo Food Label

Food tracking is a very important factor in the food industry which is why the blockchain-based Bamboo food label was designed for this purpose. Users can participate in the food tracking process by providing information on food labels about food ingredients.

HMO Users and Screening

Health will receive incentives in various formats. Health checks will not only be offered at a preferred level but tokens will also be given through the prize system

Ecosystem Partner Filtering

Similar businesses will likely be invited to join the Bamboo Ecosystem and any product sales or sales tokens will be made through BBO Tokens. In addition, Ecosystem partners will provide tokens as gifts for fiat purchases.


Bamboo Ecosystem aims to present a range of holistic products that cover important aspects responsible for human health.

Bamboo Ecosystem will bring together stakeholders by creating a series of applications. The application will collect data from all stakeholders and report useful insights.

Data Acquisition

Data management

Data processing

User Transactions

Data Insights

Health Chain

The proposed Bamboo application can help users to search for doctors and hospitals including detailed information about these aspects.

The following are the main usage or expenditure categories:


– these costs include community development, community services, networking, negotiations, and partnerships. All these different activities are driven by and in harmony with the creation of the Ecosystem. They also include professional service fees such as legal fees and funding and licensing fees related to joint ventures and partner signing.


– these costs include interest in brand management, strategic marketing building, promotional activities, and other marketing needs before the project becomes profitable. Planning for sponsors and events as a platform to show off BBO is very important since the first phase to increase market distribution and success rates. The marketing strategy will be discussed thoroughly and agreed based on an analysis of regional market success and acceptance

Technology Development

– these costs include project design, acquisition, and building an incubator for technology adjustments. Typical costs will include feasibility study costs, API integration costs, and hardware procurement. Building AI / Predictive analytics requires a large amount of accurate data processing hardware and data procurement from established centers and professional researchers who spend a certain amount of funds. Acquisitions, as stated in the whitepaper, are also included in this category, to acquire existing technology and modify it to suit the needs of the Ecosystem

Working capital

– these costs include operational funds used to start the project. Typical expenses in this category include office rent, equipment maintenance, initial inventory, salaries, and general costs.

Product and Market R&D Development

– this will include the cost of adjusting technology products to the market, funding exploration efforts with Dexafit and Healthsapiens, combining cellular applications and systems into unique products for potential clients and implementing health and agricultural applications with existing bamboo partner Products.

Token Information

Token Name: Bomboo

Symbol: BBO

Platform: Ethereum

Use of Fund Reports

USE Phase 1

I. Consultation: 10%

II. Marketing: 10%

III. Technology Development: 25%

IV. Working Capital: 25%

V. Product Development and Market R&D: 30%

TOTAL: 100%

BBO Token Allocation

Public (STO participants): 50%

Team work: 40%

Gift Tokens: 10%

TOTAL: 100%

The bamboo team


After decades of witnessing widening health care gaps, it is time for industry stakeholders to take the leap to a new era that is digitally possible. The magnitude of the challenges facing the health sector is enormous.

The implications are very broad and affect all aspects of society and the economy. It is clear that the challenges of affordable and sustainable health care are common challenges in developing and developed countries. Ecosystem’s proposed bamboo to enable better health care and lifestyle management is no longer a dream but an indispensable work solution.

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