Who We Are is built on the foundation of one of Canada’s 50 fastest growing companies, eRational Marketing Inc.

Integrity’s mission is to deliver small business growth on demand by building a self-sustaining, blockchain-based ecosystem of experts, freelancers and technology providers. Small business owners can focus on what they do best, and let Integrity do the rest.

Proof of Wisdom

who knows how to grow a business well

Ensures the expert process drives growth. Integrity tests the process directly and checks client cases. If the process is proven to work, it is mapped and placed on the blockchain.

Proof of Results

who builds tools that produce results

Ensures the technology produces the outcome it promises. No more vaporware: if they check out, the tech provider is added to the Integrity Platform Technology Stack for use by clients.

Proof of Reputation

who’s doing good work

Ensures freelancers/agencies can execute well. Integrity tests the work and validates test cases. Proven workers gain access to tasks on the platform and start building a reputation.on.


The small business buys growth-on-demand using the Integrity Token which is placed in what is essentially Escrow by a smart contract on the blockchain. Token is released to the expert, freelancer and tech provider only after they have successfully completed the work.


Every time the Expert Process they contributed is used by a small business to grow, or accessed by another participant of the platform, a smart contract ensures they get paid a royalty in Integrity Token.


The freelancer gets paid in Integrity Token once the smart contract is executed through successful completion of the task. Once the quality has been validated by the platform, the smart contract automatically deposits Integrity Token into their wallet.


Most growth processes involve technology. Whenever the tech is used, payment in Integrity Token is released by Smart Contract to compensate for the exact usage of the technology’s microservices to grow the business.



Rob – Head of Information Systems

Ross – Head of Automation

Bryan – Subject Matter Expert Business and marketing

Mark – Subject Matter Expert Sales training

Jenni – Office Manager

Justin – Community Manager

Christine – Funding Manager

Paula – Marketing

Chris – Marketing

Edgar – Back End Maestro

Asif – Creative Lead Designer

Jenn – Client Success Manager

Daryl – Video Buff

Ashlyn – Video Queen

Advisory Team

Jason Coles

Bobby Barone

Giovanni Lesna

Stephen Brown

Brian Elders

Simon Wajcenberg

Cenk Utkan


Thomas – Co-founder, CEO

Niko – Co-founder, President/COO

Dmitry – Head of Technology

Jose – Head of Growth

Camilla – Marketing Campaign & Strategy

Simone – Platform Design Expert

Christian – Lead Economist

Peter – Privacy.Tech.Innovation




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