What is this project all about ?
The stage coordinates private ventures and promoting suppliers (individuals, process, innovation). It enables the biological community to convey reasonable and open development on interest. It is a development as an administration stage to engage independent companies to win.


A first all inclusive stage, with a straightforward natural and visual interface, that conveys:
1)everything without exception you would ever need to grow an independent venture, across the board put .
2)genuine waste decrease and reasonable riches dissemination, for the entire biological community to succeed.
3)incredible impetuses to team up and co-make (specialists, specialists and tech suppliers) .

The Three Layers of the PoWR 2 convention – Their first real commitment to the biological community will be to build up the convention. It will empower individuals, process and innovation to unite. Conveyed elements can convey more esteem together. They are concentrating on the utilization case to arrange disseminated development on interest. Be that as it may, there is as of now enthusiasm for utilize cases in different enterprises too.

What is the platform all about?
The stage additionally utilizes a progression of smarts contracts, escrow and micropayments to pick what’s more, compensate the correct apparatuses for the activity. At whatever point a procedure requires their product or equipment to convey results and grow a business, the tech suppliers basically get the business, in light of results. A blockchain enables them to procure a relentless stream of pay through a Programming interface call model in view of the value of their innovation – instead of winning pieces of the overall industry dependent on the capacity of their deals and promoting group to push their item unto clients.

About the INTEGRITY token :MONI
MONI is Maori for cash. The Maori, the local individuals of New Zealand, have a solid culture of manageability. Issuing an utility token enables stage individuals to buy future access to the development they look for. By the basic demonstration of obtaining administrations ahead of time, the individuals complete two things. First is that ,each token they hold is making income for the stage to fabricate, work and develop. Secondly,the cost of the token is essentially determined by interest versus supply. The better the stage gets at decreasing wasteful aspects in the environment, the more it gathers esteem. The better it gets at conveying predictable and productive development, the more alluring it progresses toward becoming. Furthermore, that makes the utility token acknowledge in esteem.



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