INTEGRITY – A Blockchain Platform That Empowers Small Businesses to WIN

Integrity: The standard definition of integrity is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. Having integrity also means to do the right thing if someone is watching or if someone is not watching. Sometimes when we are in the routine of life we compromise our integrity just to survive. How does this effect your meaning and purpose? If you are committed to a purpose, your behavior will also show your commitment. However, when you lack integrity, your behavior -changes which- can change your purpose. You may start to commit yourself to a different purpose that does not line up with your core values or beliefs. This can cause a person emotional drain to where they become upset or angry. This upset or anger can cause them to lose their calm or become short in conversions or basic situations.

What is Integrity?

Integrity is a business-to-business platform that suits small businesses and marketing providers and creates strong incentives to provide equitable and accessible growth on demand that allows small businesses to win by utilizing blockchain technology to bring together the best people, processes, and technology. Integrity’s main goal is to build a crypto ecosystem independent of small businesses, experts, freelancers and technology providers who are given incentives to grow, create and develop.
For now small business marketing is often characterized by fraud, incompetence, and many large technologies from poorly built software. Over time we bring people, processes and technology together, to join a single platform, we can measure their performance and that means that we can still follow science and rules to find valuable signals in adversity, and determine:

who does a good job
who knows how to grow a business well
and who build great tools that really produce results.
Blockchain allows us to store that data safely in distributed public sources that cannot be damaged. It also allows us to filter out evil agents and give good rewards to become members of a productive ecosystem.


Successfully Operating and Growing a Business is Very Hard

Owners waste a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to grow instead of focusing on their product and what they do best. As a result, 50% of them fail within 5 years.

Owners Don’t Know What to do or Who to Trust to Grow

Owners often come up with their own growth strategy even though they don’t know what they’re doing. They end up picking the wrong people, processes and technologies leading to failure and bankruptcy.

Business Ecosystem Filled by WASTE and Inefficiencies

50B dollars are invested in growth per year in North America alone. According to experts, 50%-80% is wasted causing business failure..


The owner Focuses on What They do BEST, Integrity Does the Rest

Integrity empowers owners to focus their strengths and products, by taking care of growth and operations.

All Participants in Integrity are VETTED

Integrity’s Trust Protocols: Proof of Wisdom for Experts, Proof of Results for Technology and Proof of Reputation for Freelancers, ensure that only the best players and products are allowed in the ecosystem.

We Connect the Dots For You

Integrity connects the dots between experts and freelancers, eliminating some of the overlap in technology. Payments are performance based, resulting in prompt and efficient performance.


Token Sale Information

Token Name: Integrity Token
Symbol: ITX
Supply: 300,000,000 ITX
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
Token Price: 0.15 USD/ITX
BTC Exchange price: $10,000
ETH Exchange Price: $600
Current Sales stage: Seed
Minimum Investment: $100,000


BTT Profil link:;u=2051385


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