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Welcome all my readers am here to write on my project article about Integrity:it is a business to business platform that matches small businesses and marketing providers (people, process,technology) and creates powerful incentives to deliver fair and accessible growth on demand.


Leading Causes
1. Operating AND Growing at the Same Time is Very Hard
You have to run the business, grow the business and deliver value to your customers , all at the same time. But those three core areas require very different skills. Few owners go into business knowing how to manage the whole thing very well… and even fewer excel at sales or marketing.
2. We Don’t Know Who to Trust for Marketing
In order to grow, you need the right people, process and technology. Who can we trust with that? Agencies are usually costly. Freelancers often lack results. And local media has been struggling with “digital” forever. How do we know who’s got the skills, expertise or tools to deliver? Sadly, we don’t. And precious funds get wasted, at an alarming rate, as owners try to figure it out.
3. A Marketing Ecosystem Plagued by Waste and Inefficiencies
To make matters worse, the market is very fragmented. Long gone are days of just putting up a listing in the phone book.

A Growth as a Service​ platform to empower small businesses to win.

Get matched to the right mix of people,
process & technology, to grow on demand
The best marketers, specialists and tech
providers join forces to be better together.
Fuel a true circular economy between:
– freelancers, experts & tech builders
– small business owners
– the supporting community


1. Put People First
The only way to get people to care is if they know you deeply care first
2. Evolve, Always
Seek and embrace change. Innovate and mutate to continuously evolve.
3. Better Together
None of us is better than all of us. Together, we go further and achieve more.
4. Deliver
more value
We focus on giving exponentially more than we take.
5. Believe
Believe in the vision, the mission, the customer, the team, yourself, and life.
6. Tell the real story
Have the courage to tell and receive the uncomfortable truth.
7. Thrive to Outlast
Build resilience to serve the next 9 generations of people behind us


Lead Developer – platform, blockchain
High-performing Project Manager with 15+ years of successful delivery in developing complex
web based applications and e-commerce websites. Specialized in roadmaps design, adoption
and new concepts based on Hyperledger, Ethereum, Bitcoin protocols.

Lead Architect – platform, blockchain

Head of Information Systems​
CIO at eRational Marketing. Former IT Director for Sun Life Financial, and Executive Director of the Canadian & American Investors Associations. Fueling the rocket boosters of infrastructure.Led multiple turnaround and mergers/acquisitions as a consultant for one of the big accounting firms.

Team Lead – Fulfillment​
Leads the delivery of successful marketing funnels at eRational Marketing and Integrity.
Co-founder at Net-Critical, Re-invent Realty and Founder at Kamila Caban Designs.

Subject Matter Expert – Automation
Campaign strategy, automation and customer experience specialist for marketing funnels. Built world class campaigns for major players in Internet marketing from Frank Kern to Digital Marketer.

Head of Client Success​
Leads the client success team. Built his own growth hacking boutique firm from the ground up. Specializes in marketing automation, strategy, conversion-focused copywriting and training,having helped generate over 500k leads and 35M in revenues for small businesses.

Subject Matter Expert – Lead Generation​
Lead Generation and Online Reputation Expert. Accomplished Serial Entrepreneur and co-founder of Linked Into Leads helping businesses leverage the power of Linkedin to add millions to their pipelines.


ICO Co-Founder​
With a degree in accounting, Jason has vast cryptocurrency experience as a trader, investor and entrepreneur. Experienced Blockchain and ICO advisor, having helped over 100 different ICO’s in the past 2 years. Jason’s primary focuses are in community building, oversight and project management, as well as business strategy and investor relations.

ICO Co-Founder​
Experienced advisor, investor & enthusiast with a proven history of working in financial services and blockchain industry. Formerly a Financial Securities Advisor, became deeply intrigued by blockchain technology & disruptive business models. Advised and consulted for several cryptocurrency projects.

ICO Founder​ 22M Raise
Founder of KYC-Chain and SelfKey, a platform to empower individuals and organizations with more freedom and privacy through full ownership of their digital identity. Selfkey and KYC-Chain helped a dozen ICOs succeed, including Polymath. Advises on Asia strategy, banking and financial modelling.

Blockchain and Securities Token Expert​
Former Partner at Appleby Global – corporate law. Successfully structured # ICOs to go to market, helping them raise a total of ##M. Samuel has a background in computer science and lead legal structuring and offering from a Cayman Law Perspective.

Data Privacy, Technology and Innovation​
Commercial lawyer and Senior Associate at Appleby. Peter’s practice is focused on privacy, data protection, intellectual property and strategic corporate-commercial and regulatory work in the technology, innovation and financial technology (FinTech)sectors.

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