Hello friends, I’m Olagoke Gbade. Like my usual practice of providing valuable information in their own way, today’s will not be less, since I have decided to provide information about this artificial intelligence -powered platform for trusted introductions called “InToken”. Sit and relax the nerves. while you read it. In addition, I encourage you not only to read, but also take an important step to be part of this great innovation.


InToken is a cryptocurrency for business referrals and introductions. Businesses buy InTokens to reward you for your help. Tokens make these rewards easy for everyone. You don’t need to think about contracts, wire transfers or trust the supplier. Platform Inbot Ambassador takes care of it all.
Once you have earned InTokens, you can save them, sell them for cash or transfer them to exchanges for trading. Ambassador Wallet is a place where you can view new features and see how they contribute to your earnings.
In addition, you have the opportunity to receive dividends from InShares. If you enter companies into the InShare program, you will earn InShares. They make you a shareholder of the platform’s success. InShares pay cash dividends for many years, so they are a source of long-term income. InShares pays guaranteed dividends to InToken during the first years of the platform. InShares also pays dividends from the operating business. As the platform grows, dividends and the number of people receiving dividends grow.
InScore is your individual dividend multiplier, which increases each time you make a successful introduction, or when one of your invited friends makes the first inroduction. Payments for referral fees and dividends InShare increases with increasing your InScore. BSA information.

Token: InToken
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 13,000,000,000 InToken
Price: 1 InToken = 0,01 EUR

Soft cap: 3,000,000 EUR
Hard cap: 38,000,000 EUR

Quantity: for the sales
Beginning: 03.06.2018
Completion: 03.07.2018


Quantity: 5,800,000,000 InToken
Beginning: 04.07.2018
Completion: 20.07.2018


2014 – 2016
Development: People Graph AI was first developed in 2014 and by 2016 has evolved into its current form. A total of $ 3 million. The US initial funding was directed to the development of AI from a global network of angel investors.
Two thousand seventeen
Business: the first 10 sellers were attracted, the business model was approved. Founded the inbot Ambassador community and growing to 2,500 + members by December.
Development: launch of the beta version of Ambassador Wallet. Search engine People Graph AI started with contacts 5.7 M.
Q1 2018
Business: the Beginning of the ICO. Hiring a COO is completed. Start of the affiliate program. Community growth to 50,000 people.
Development: purchase InTokens from the wallet. The ability of companies to buy InToken vouchers from the wallet.
Q2 2018
Business: ICO Completion. The expansion of the community of 80 000 people. First listing on crypto-exchanges. Dozens of new vendors.
Development: Encouragement of independent introductions of sets of the seller. Automation of the flow process. Ability to manage reliable contacts manually from the Wallet.
Q3 2018
Business: Joining dozens of new sellers. Community development up to 120,000 people.
Development: launch of beta version of decentralized widgets of referral program. The beginning of the development of the shells of mobile applications.
Q4 2018
Business: Joining dozens of new sellers. Add localization to wallet and input stream. The expansion of the community up to 160 000 people.
Development: launch of bonus and referral program widgets. The launch of mobile applications.
Q1 2019
Business: Joining dozens of new sellers. Entering the InShare redemption rules and regulations. Community expansion up to 200 000 people.
Development: Automatic direction of referral offers from People Graph AI to the wallet.
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