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Private users and businesses are increasingly affected by non-transparent data tracking methods and inaccurate data. Especially for businesses, the consequences are severe: Important documents such as financial reports rely on data as one of the main information sources. If these data are incorrect, companies can suffer from fines, lack of trust of shareholders and wrong decision-making. Common practices in this regard, for example reconciliation or manual data errors corrections, are time-consuming and therefore very costly.

Our service focuses on the collection of data in computer systems and the storage of these data in a tamper-proof and secure way on the blockchain.

We offer individuals the required personal behavioral data to reflect on their usage of smart devices and analyze their time spent.

We want to automate accounting practices such as reconciliation with the help of blockchain and smart contracts.

Intrachain makes effort allocation more efficient, helps companies to save costs and provide them with the accurate data that are needed to make informed decisions.

Token Sale.

The Intrachain Utility Token represents access to the Intrachain eco-system. During the Intrachain token sale a token supply of 109,722,222 ICT tokens will be offered. The collected proceeds are used to drive Intrachain’s Product Solutions and handling daily business expenses – Aiming to successfully revolutionize behaviour tracking and especially the accounting industry.

The Intrachain Token

Intrachain operates with the Intrachain Token. The Intrachain Token is a real utility Token.

The Intrachain Token gives access to the Intrachain application and can be used to run transactions via the private blockchain.

Intrachain clients use the smart contract to prepay the usage of Intrachain.

They use their Intrachain tokens to pay for their transactions.

All transactions are made via the Intrachain blockchain. 


We originated a total token supply of 219,444,444 ICT. During the Intrachain Token Sale  50 % of the total ICT amout (109,722,222 ICT) will be offered. The remaining tokens are distributed between the Intrachain team, a  bounty program, advisors, and investors.    


After penetrating the German market, Intrachain strives for the long-term goal to operate in the global market and provide the Intrachain Software Solutions to a global user base and multinational corporations. To further drive and expand our business strategy globally, our funds will be invested in the areas Business and IT Development, Expansion and Staffing.

Bounty Program 

We distribute 2% of the total token supply in our bounty program. You can earn and receive Intrachain tokens by completing bounty tasks, which are divided into the following categories: Steemit Campaign, Bitcointalk Signature Campaign, Social Media Campaign, Content Creation Campaign, Telegram Campaign, Referral Campaign, and Secret Campaign.

The campaign will be running until the ICO ends or if the ICO sells all tokens prior to that date, whichever occurs first. Token will distribute after 1 month.

The future is now

The Intrachain platform combines a process mining engine with a decentralized database. Intrachain hereby focuses on the collection of data traces on systems and the storage of tamper proof data in the blockchain. This technical architecture allows different use cases. We offer two Intrachain product solutions based on our customer needs. We can capitalize on the overall market trend for automation and data mining. Intrachain therefore has the  potential to revolutionize the software market.  

Data is often incomplete, nontransparent and inaccurate. Intrachain aims at achieving higher data quality by using new technological possibilities.

Intrachain Private is a B2C software that tracks personal user behavior and offers the possibility to store the data on the blockchain. We embrace the trend in data tracking for private purposes and transform the current disadvantages such as security issues while creating the Intrachain Private Solution.

Intrachain Business keeps track of user behavior data and transfers them to the blockchain. Our Solution transforms relevant intracompany transaction data into smart contracts on the blockchain and automates account keeping and booking through smart contracts. 

Intrachain Business

Intrachain Business keeps track of user behavior data and transfers them to the blockchain.

In a next step, these condensed data serve as the basis for the correct recording and allocation of intercompany services. Smart contracts are used to transfer the involved cost transactions to the respective accounting systems within the group of companies.

In today’s globalized world, multinational firms often have numerous subsidiaries across dispersed geographies. Managing these subsidiaries can be very inefficient, mainly because of the lack of information and the high transaction costs between the subsidiary companies. Therefore Intrachain Business centralises and streamlines intercompany accounting, reducing  costs and increasing productivity.

The customer can keep an overview of transactions and cost allocations with the Intrachain interface.

Intrachain Private

Intrachain Private is a B2C software that tracks personal user behavior via the process mining engine and offers the possibility to store the data on the blockchain.

A private user who spends most of his time on the computer and would not like to get a specific overview of his digital behavior in order to analyze it and work on his productivity. With the Intrachain software, he can accurately record his time spent, assign it to specific activities, better understand his behaviour and optimize it.

The data are made available to the user for analysis via a user interface.


Our Founding Team

Arne Reimann CEO

Dr. Klaus Preisner CFO

Mislav Boras CTO

Niclas Preisner CMO

Our Core Team

Bastian Brodbeck

Leonid Astakhov

Token name: 

Intrachain Token 

Token type: 

Utility token

Token contract: 

ERC-20 token

Token price during public sale:

0.000917 ETH 

Soft cap: 

EUR 3,0 Mio

Hard cap: 

EUR 12,0 Mio

Personal caps: 

Min: 0,5ETH – Max: 1500 ETH

Token Sale start & end:

03.12.2018 – 30.12.2018 




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