INTRO is an Online Service System for players in the Housing Construction Market – Developers, Investors, Real Estate Agents and Home Buyers.

INTRO gives you new opportunities:

  • Buy objects directly from the builder at auction. Up to 30% off.
  • Accessing official reports on construction, evaluation and off-plan investments recorded on blockchain.
  • Invest in reliable developer properties through smart contracts. There is no minimum intermediary and commission.
  • Join an investor club and earn bonuses on partner networks.

· Problems

Purchasing real estate is still one of the main strategies of long-term investment. But, the volatility of the property market causes a high risk for those who invest in construction properties. In many countries, home buyers have no choice but to buy off-plan. Off-plan properties are more affordable than used and used goods in developed countries. The shortage of housing in some places, such as Dubai or India, prompted home buyers to enter the off-plan construction market.


Now global investors and home buyers continue to risk off-plan development that may end up with incomplete homes and losing money. This situation is common in Russia and the BRICS countries where the development of the INTRO system begins.

· INTRO ecosystem

In the digital age, INTRO services are becoming an indispensable tool for real estate professionals. Developers, investors and home buyers will be able to protect their interests and increase profits by using the following services:
  • INTRO Analytica – A BI system for off-plan market players.
Currently, the INTRO Analytica system is used by developers, investors, banks and Russian authorities, as well as by leading architects and mass media.


The BI-platform concept for off-plan development analysis in Russia emerged in 2016. The pilot version for state authorities was launched in the summer of 2017, and already in October 2017, the B2B sales version begins.INTRO Analytica is in demand among developers: more than 20 major Russian construction constructions currently use the system. Interest in growing products and service coverage is rapidly expanding in the territory of Russia and neighboring countries.

Demo access to the system:

Login: ICOdemo
Password: 100INTRO

  • INTRO Sell
INTRO Sale is a private online auction for property buyers


Developers often experience shortage of cash flows during the construction cycle and are in dire need of cash inflows. In such cases, developers often offer property at a net cost to their partners who subsequently resell it at market prices.


INTRO Token Holders will be able to join the Intro Sale affiliate network and participate in private auctions. Offer will be done within a limited time with all offers written in blockchain. This ensures that the best price winners and token holders make property investments on attractive terms.


Beta testing of the system among INTRO Analytica users proves that developers are interested in closed deals, as they help not to solve the overall sales plan for the object due to the occasional discount. The discounted property portion in the construction project usually does not exceed 5%, therefore, the general announcement of the sale of the auction is not desirable.


The development of IINTRO Sale began in July 2017, the commercial launch took place in January 2018.

Access the demo:

Log in:
Password: 1TokenINTRO


  • INTRO Standing Back

INTRO REstate is an off-plan online property store at a developer price.

INTRO REstate provides search across all property sales in building under construction in all areas covered by INTRO system. Smart contracts allow investors to make deals with property developers with minimum transaction costs and no intermediaries.
If you are looking for a property to stay, you can send a request at INTRO REstate and only accept offers that meet your requirements. Then you can choose the best option and close the deal on a regular basis with paper-based contracts or through your personal account on systems with smart contracts. In addition, a homebuyer will be able to apply for a mortgage in several banks through his INTRO REstate account.


If you are a real estate investor, then the service can help you to analyze the market and choose the most liquid and attractive offer for investment, and then invest in one or more properties proposed in the INTRO REstate system.
For developers, INTRO REstate is an additional sales channel that attracts international investors and home buyers. The availability of smart contracts allows investors and developers to use a more favorable payment scheme during the construction phase.


The development of INTRO REstate is scheduled for 2018.
  • INTRO COINvest
INTRO COINvest is a social app for home buyers.


Homeowners in new buildings have many common goals – ranging from quality control to construction to selection of housing maintenance companies. This task is much easier to overcome in cooperation with neighbors and future experts we can find through social applications INTRO COINvest.


Through convenient applications, buyers can chat with each other, developer representatives and, where necessary, lawyers and technical experts. Moving on new housing blocks or villages, neighbors will be able to save on household goods through a joint purchase club.
This app will help home buyers find experts to review the property and ensure that the building meets all technical standards. The offer of interior designers and property lawyers will also be available.


COINvest users will be able to assess their developers and service providers. The rating will be stored in an unchangeable blockchain to keep a correct record of the company’s operations.
App users will be rewarded with INTRO Tokens for any useful activity on the system (friend invites, chat activities, review writing, etc.). The more tokens collected in his personal account, the higher the discount on the furniture partner’s retailers, home appliances and DIY materials.


Ongoing app developments beginning in September 2017, the launch is planned in July 2018.


The Russian version of the COINvest customer database (ДДУ.РФ) reached more than 1,000 people six months prior to its release.





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