Introducing Aworker : A decentralized and reliable platform for employees and companies

Aworker is an enlistment platform based on the innovation of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. This platform has been created to disturb the current market for enlistment that had a volume of $429 billion in the year 2016. Aworker will assist individuals in finding a great job using Ethereum Blockchain and its WORK tokens. Additionally, it will help the companies to locate a suitable candidate to fill the vacant activity positions.

A created platforms that have blockchain use for enlistment, Aworker is created its capacity for upset market enrollment, which in 2016 has reached 429 billion dollars. utilizing token work innovation and blockchain ethereum innovation individuals will discover a vocation easily and the company will have the capacity to pick its employees according to the necessities of the company and according to their own skill just by utilizing the assistance of Aworker.

Aworker utilizes Blockchain innovation to create P2P platform that is utilized for staff enlistment. With the energy of smart contracts, it is conceivable to change the standards of enrollment, When others suggest candidates and all participants of the critical stage get wages.

This laborer is made on the basis help work searchers to make it easier and faster on the basis of what they like helping companies in the company searching for candidates who have a feeling of trustworthiness and loyalty to the company with a more productive cost.

WORK Token

WORK tokens associated with enlisting employees in the company. Companies should spend a WORK token to discover and enlist a representative the company needs with a predetermined number of tokens. Companies will get applications to contract and communicate with potential candidates. HR managers will have the capacity to create vacancies, utilize smart contracting openings, and to examine center information about candidate candidates in blockchain: what aptitudes are confirmed, capability, venture culmination, at Blockchain will give more reliable information about applicants, who are currently less company.

Awoker creates a decentralized and reliable answer for employees and companies based on Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts. Our answers comprise of occupation market, abilities verification and reputation free rating. Employees get the chance to look for some kind of employment and make cash on their systems, abilities and professional accomplishments. Companies gain access to decentralized Ranking and checked abilities through smart contracts.

client in Aworker:


individuals who work in a company or discover a vocation. A worker can react to vacancies and incorporate information about aptitudes, abilities or work encounter had. Consistently, a worker can engage in decentralization of the Aworker Rank.


the client must be the most proactive and qualified of the app. She has more demonstrated abilities and high reputation recommendations from employees. Aworkers can prescribe their acquaintances to open vacancies, check worker abilities and evaluate potential ratings. The aworker reputation will rely upon the outcomes.

HR Manager

Be a part of company representatives who can inform about open vacancies, assessment perspectives and worker ratings. The HR manager will have the capacity to track Aworker work searchers in the app, communicate with them, have access to ratings and confirmed aptitudes.


A worker representative for his subordinates. One can get «manager» status after being affirmed by three employees of the company. The manager will have the capacity to decide for company employees (or different employees), however his/her voice will be the same as any aworker sound. Managers will also have the ability to compose surveys about employees

Decentralized Skill of Verification System

Utilizing Verification Skills, employees will have the capacity to:

Get a reward for their demonstrated aptitudes.

Increase their skill according to HR managers.

To utilize the Building Decentralization Reputation that will affirm a man’s real aptitudes on a global scale.

Aworker will make a transparent verification framework has validity among the companies. It will be decentralized, universal, transparent, and will offer worker abilities suitable for work.

Decentralization offers a great chance to create another condition. Presently, every individual can create a reputation of a reliable worker just with a couple of snaps. In the event that you want to know more, you can read Aworker’s whitepaper with the link bellow this article.

Roadmap Development Product

Stage 1: Aworker Alpha. Detachment of private cabinet clients

Stage 2: Develop personal account for company and Marketplace Job

Stage 3: Integration into blockchain and audit security, Verification Skills

Stage 4: Development of Ethereum Ranking based on blockchain

Stage 5: Development of the company’s advertising cabinet

Stage 6: Development of big business applications

Stage 7: Development of Aworker APIs and portable apps

Stage 8: Development of a recommendation framework.

Applications for employees :

Will make the pursuit of employment easier and pick the most appropriate company;

Will manufacture the reputation of a confided in representative;

Will give a chance to increase rewards;

Will advise each worker on the more productive improvement e FFI (on behavioral and performance analysis);

Will give a chance to purchase items partnered with enormous rebates.

Application for company :

Will give access to a reliable database of employees (rating, checked aptitudes, professional capability assessment, feedback);

Will automate routine work while leasing;

It will be conceivable to discover new employees in the app.

Offer Token

The token Aworker Sales (WORK) to help and build up the Aworker ecosystem will be finished with the assistance of smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain. Participants who wish to help this task will have the capacity to purchase a WORK token for ETH. The quantity of work tokens is restricted.

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