GLITZKOIN is making diamonds more better than it was. We all know about diamond. How beautiful and how precious it is. A jewelery with its own shine and spark. Today, more and more people want to buy it. It already has a great economic value and it will even continue to grow. Therefore, many people want to own diamonds now for their profit. And, buying diamond is alos not that. Rich peoples even gifts their relatives, friends with diamond sets. But, the problem is are the people really buying real gold? I mean some diamond merchants can just sell fae diamonds. As a result, its distinction is not simple as we think.

But, that’s not a matter to worry anymore. GLITZKOIN aims to solve this problem in diamond industry quite easily by using the safe and secure Blockchain Technology.

How does GLITZKOIN solve the problem?

Into the supply chain of the diamond industry, GLITZKOIN are integrating the blockchain mechanism. GLITZKOIN, being based on blockchain allows every diamond merchants and even new diamond investors to buy or sell diamond at just the presser of the key. GLITZKOIN will be creating a global digital ledger, which will allow to invest the end to the end history and the value of the asset. GLITZKOIN is changing the traditional diamond bourse into a virtual diamond market.

GLITZKOIN will, hence be a decentralized platform utilizing smart contract reflecting the type of financial offering, the diamonds will even be delivered to the buyer or owner of the respective diamond to their own place or home physically. Or it can also be delivered to the owner safe custodian. The transaction time is also not that much high. Transactions are done instantly within three to five seconds. Moreover, the transaction fee is also very low. Only one cent for every 30,000 transactions as against the transaction time of two minutes to an hour and the fee of 1.13–18 dollars per transaction on other blockchains.


This report outlines glitzkoin’s imaginative and prescient for the diamond business enterprise. Glitzkoin seeks to construct a blockchain based open environment for the diamond employer where in all of the exchange of diamonds may be conducted and coordinated. Glitzkoin is a global startup that makes use of the best of growing technology which include the blockchain, smart contracts and machine studying to assist in the bargain of danger and fraud for banks, insurers and open marketplaces inside the diamond and treasured stone industry. They offer a full environment for the diamond organization from a delivery chain answer, to monitoring & certification of diamonds and in the end a decentralized change for the change of diamonds and related services.


A worldwide exchange stage utilizing blockchain innovation went for enhancing the cost of transportation, absence of perceivability and wasteful aspects with paper-based processes. Interfacing all partners from Mining organizations to Retail clients.

Diamond enterprise

Diamonds are one of the world’s, and especial Africa’s, main valuable things from nature. An imagined us$15 billion, nicely well worth of very difficult diamonds are produced in line with year, of which about us$eight.5 billion are from Africa. The diamond enterprise employs approximately ten million people around the area, each right away and circuitously, across a huge spectrum of roles from mining to retail.

International diamond jewelry profits continue to grow, developing three-fold within the beyond 25 years, and are currently well worth in excess folks $seventy-nine billion every year.

The diamond rings deliver chain (known as the diamond pipeline) is the way that brings diamonds from the earth to clients.

Glitzkoin utility for the diamond industry

They contain the present day blockchain innovation into the conveyance chain of the jewel business. This opens up a spic and span stage to conduct worldwide trade in precious stones. But diminishing the charges related with an exchange, glitzkoin disposes of the wasteful aspects that are intrinsic to paper-based exchange preparing. An arrangement of better abilities are connected than give an exceptionally intricate and unmistakable, precious stone following and checking capacity. The objective is to decentralize the market area for precious stones, this will immensely open up get admission to for customers and merchants of jewels. The precious stone exchange requires additional subordinate administrations like transport, back, and protection. These administrations could be given by partitioned benefit sellers. The glitzkoin undertaking will least complex coordinate them inside the stage and never again be charging any commission or financier for such third festival contributions.

Market developments and capacity

There is no doubt that the usage of glitzkoin, will develop the market achieve of the precious stone industry. The expanded perceivability of stock and the engaging quality of a crypto forex will make it suitable for precious stone merchants in any regard stages to blast their commercial center rate. At the indistinguishable time, the straightforwardness of the entire way and the validation of the jewels will impart trust in both master and first-time precious stone purchasers. The nonattendance of go betweens and a bringing down of transportation and other related charges will take into consideration genuinely aggressive evaluating.


The base purchase sum is 100 USD if installment is made through any of these Crypto Currencies — Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Stellar (XLM). For installment made through Bank Transfer, the base purchase sum is 10,000 USD.


Q4 2017

Initial Spark Followed By Background Research

Development Of Initial Concepts And Diamond Industry Outreach

Initial White Paper And Design Prototypes

Q1 2018

Project Scope, Token Use Case Design And Token Economics

Core Founding Team On Board

Company In Stealth Mode & Registered In Estonia

White Paper & Technical Architecture

Official Website Launch

Token Presale Launch

Q2 2018

Launch Of Public Token Sale

Conclusion Of Token Sale And Distribution Of Tokens

Diamond Exchange Development

Start Global Marketing Effort

Q3 2018

GLT Token Listing On Crypto Exchanges

Beta Testing Of Diamond Exchange Platform

Development Of Global Diamond Track & Trace System

Q4 2018

Decentralized Exchange Deployment

Global Diamond Track And Trace System Deployment

Bug Fixes And Enhancements To Deployed System

Q1 2019

Adding More Features/Tools To GlitzKoin Diamond Exchange

Continued Marketing To Increase GlitzKoin Awareness

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