Introducing OOOBTC Exchange

OOOBTC is a gateway platform and exchange for cryptocurrency and Crypto-ecosystem located in Singapore. OOOBTC provides system functions that are as diverse as spot trading, futures trading, over-the-counter trade, entire network trading, and decentralized trading. In addition, it meets the needs of many investors. The trading system has a strong security mechanism and reliable basic architecture, which gives investors reliable trading experience.

In addition, the unique online trading model of the ooobtc platform will efficiently match the market depth of major exchanges around the world while providing higher liquidity. Relying on the entire network trading system, OOOBTC believes the ooobtc platform will be the largest liquidity provider of digital assets in the world. SECURITY has taken careful steps such as cold storage systems, 2-factor authentication, and encryption technology to encrypt your personal account information, which allows you to ensure the protection of your funds. security is the most important aspect of business practice.


OOOBTC acknowledges security into insight as it shields clients support with refined development, for instance, the cool storing framework, 2FA confirmation and encryption advancement to encode clients singular record information.

OOOBTC include brisk and high getting ready of exchanges as it use groupings of advancement, for instance, Google Spanner and Bigtable. This exchanging framework will make it useful for snappy solicitation treatment of upto one million exchanges for consistently.

OOOBTC is a striking trade that takes out untouchables. Exchanges can be finished between clients while in like manner getting a charge out of low exchange cost.

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