After much talks about ProBit Exchange, I think it’s only right to talk about ProBit’s official token in a detailed manner. PROB as it is called is the short form for PROBIT TOKEN. PROB is a utility token. It will be used for different functions on the ProBit Exchange platform. The total number of PROB to be created is only 200,000,000 tokens. The ProBit Token is the official token of the ProBit Exchange platform. It will used for a wide array of functions. It will majorly used to pay for transaction fees and expenses made by the users who are making use of the ProBit Exchange.


1. Trading Fee Discount; users who trade on the ProBit Exchange platform are classified on a membership basis depending on if the hold ProBit tokens or not.

The holders are called premium members while non-holders are called standard users. The rate at which trading discount is given depends on the status of membership of the particular user at the moment. The trading discount is available to the users at the trading rate of the ProBit tokens.

A standard member gets 10% discount on their trading fees while a premium member gets between 20%-50% discount. On their trading fees.


Referral bonuses are given to users who are able to invite other users to register and have an active account on the ProBit Exchange platform. The referral bonus is a fee given to the referrer (i.e., inviter) on the trades made by the person he referred (i.e., invitee). The referral bonus is given to the referrers based on their membership status. Members who are standard members are given a 10% referral bonus which is 10% of the referee’s buying and selling price while for Premium members, they get referral bonus worth 20% of the buying and selling fee of their referrals.

3.Abundant Liquidity

As its primary earnings source, ProBit fees a 0.1% trading charge to takers & 0.05% trading rate to makers. Charging a very low fee to makers (i.e. base charge of 0.050%) proves ProBit’s dedication to creating ample liquidity through giving benefits to market making. This pricing as nicely as mining of PROB tokens will encourage liquidity in change and provide advantages for makers


Traders who make use of ProBit Exchange and hold ProBit tokens will be given voting rights. Such traders holding the ProBit Token would be allowed to vote when necessary because they are considered shareholders of the ProBit Exchange.


Members who hold ProBit tokens would be given access to new features that are placed on the exchange before their peers who do not hold any ProBit Token.


6.The ProBit Exchange has launched and now ProBit tokens are in Trade Mining Periods where every transaction at ProBit, PROB well worth 80% of the buying and selling fee based on the market fee of the PROB tokens will be mined and issued to the dealer as a reward.

Why you should purchase the ProBit Token?

Any Funds raised during the sales of ProBit Token will be utilized to build the ProBit Exchange platform. PROB will serve as the backbone for building the ProBit Ecosystem consisting of C2C exchange, fiat exchanges and ICO platform.

How to purchase the ProBit Token?

ProBit Exchange has currently scheduled its one day Main Sale event for the ProBit Token (PROB) which will take place on the 11th of December, 2018. The ProBit Token would be sold to buyers at just 0.2$ per token during the main Sale period. Participants will not get any bonus as the Pre-Sale round has offered 10% to those who purchased Tokens. If you would like to make a purchase, kindly visit

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