Rateonium is a platform that offers a decentralized, anonymous and transparency with an assortment of advantages for communities, business partners and investors with cryptocurrency. The platform is an exceptionally far reaching positioning system that can be modified for each gathering of clients, enabling customers to associate with the business much better than anyone might have expected. It has a basic plan with fundamental calculations that enable clients to furnish reviews with more applicable substance. An assortment of dialects joined with general accomplice organizations help guarantee that the Rateonium ecosystem will dependably be differing and dynamic.

Rateonium amasses subjective and singular buyer data for organizations, while the particular shoppers are remunerated all the while with the Rateonium currency through a robotized calculation. Rateonium offers its clients a cutting edge acquiring knowledge with an application controlled by metadata – free from control and data manhandle. We invigorate our Rateonium business customers by actualizing current, long haul quality and client relationship administration forms in the platform.



The Rateonium App is the core of the innovative rating system. It incorporates all highlights, for example, venture rating or the Around Me include. All together not to contradict the amplification arranged by Rateonium, the application is accessible as a needless download for every future utilizer. After the utilizer has caused his record and the individual data is encoded by the RATE-SAFE process, the utilizer can get to all application areas of the program. It empowers him to audit reviews of eateries in the territory and to designate it as utilizable or to indite reviews of an apparent convenience itself.


Data is extremely critical in the period of web development. Deals and Marketing Departments use this data to change over signs to clients with focused promotions. Rateonium induces an intuitive system amongst buyers and organizations that meet present day requests for individual uprightness in a computerized period, free from control and with most noteworthy veneration for data security.


Out of the blue, there are authentic reviews on the leading group of organizations in the Rateonium rating system, and the market twisting caused by the abuse of reviews is turned away by the network. Since the establishing of Rateonium, the group has worked ecumenical to construct a cosmically colossal business organize. In the mean time, they have coordinated in five mainlands, including, for instance, the segments of gastronomy, nearby and long-remove activity, the flight industry, square predicated ventures, the automotive industry and in addition the peregrinate and lodging industry.


Rateonium offers its clients an advanced obtaining background with an application controlled by metadata – free from control and data manhandle. The Rateonium coordinated effort arrange is invigorated by the usage of present day, long haul quality and client relationship administration forms in the platform. The Rateonium rating system furnishes the utilizer with numerous actualizes for causing subjective appraisal.


By winning an utilizable currency, the client can straightforwardly relate to a specific organization and be compensated for giving item and settlement straightforwardness. The customer’s augmenting power later on to settle on different choices advances an interoperative network of customers.


The App System Is Based On The Blockchain Technology Of The RATEONIUM NETWORK And Offers Highest User Comfort In Combination With Multi-Layered Functionality

The Rateonium App is the core of the innovative rating system. It contains all capacities, for example, the rating of organizations or the Around Me work. All together not to neutralize the development arranged by Rateonium, the application is accessible as a free download for each future client.

After the client has made his record and the individual data has been scrambled by the RATE-SAFE process, the client can get to all application areas of the application.

This empowers him to see reviews of eateries adjacent and check them as accommodating or compose reviews of an apparent administration himself.

Besides, every client can check his current Rateonium token adjust in the incorporated Rateonium wallet and think about which prizes can right now be reclaimed.

With a specific end goal to build the daily-rating-motion, clients likewise observe their rating rank in contrast with different clients. Obviously the comparing names are encoded by their one of a kind number and may be revealed at the client’s demand. Transactions between clients are additionally conceivable. An uncommon component is the Rateonium gift work. Social undertakings have the likelihood to be recorded in the inquiry as a present gift venture. In this manner, each client has the likelihood to exchange Rateonium to the comparing venture and to help the task.

The Rateonium card:

The Rateonium card permits most extreme security of put away tokens. All capacities that change the token condition of the client (e. g.: transactions, the exchange to RTC or the recovery of prizes) must be confirmed with the individual QR code on the card.

All the client needs to do is open the application, enter his watchword and output the QR code. To guarantee that ratings are just given at areas where an administration is really seen, the client must check the buy before presenting a survey. For this reason, the Rateonium card is basically examined at the checkout. On account of an online buy, the application can be utilized as a scanner.

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