Introducing NEIRONIX: A multidimensional Cryptocurrency Rating Platform

The is no doubt of the fact that cryptocurrency and Blockchain have brought revolutions to the current wave of globalization. On daily basis, we have good testimonies of investors as well as service provider of many platforms on The benefit of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that has replaced traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering) as the key investment site of digital economics. These benefits however, are not without challenges.
In the first instance, the cryptocurrency market is lacking in a brand-new product that would give a far reaching informational and analytical platform enabling one to evaluate ICO and blockchain projects based on fair-minded information about the potential risk factors, clear to classic investor from the world of fiat is with the point of providing a lasting answer for this issue and others that prompted the presentation of Neironix platform.


Neironix is a platform for multidimensional scoring of ICO projects that makes multidimensional investigation of extensive bulk of data and interprets it into clear and impartial rating pointers. They can be utilized for readiness of professional judgments. This product is a multifunctional set of tools as transparent and structured analytical data, which can be utilized for marketplace trading, improvement of long haul investment methodology, or settling on administrative choices on the practicality of collaboration with any individual ICO venture.

Neironix is the main independent international rating organization for investment risk evaluation in blockchain economics, where ratings are assigned to the projects automatically based on mathematical scoring results, neuron networks, and multidimensional investigation of extensive bulk of data. The platform is intended for examination and ensuing administration of risks commonplace of projects with investments in projects with high level of vulnerability.


Secure Neironix, as a worldwide aggregator of money related examination for cryptocurrency markets, it permits amassing and classification of the total information into risk factors, which are deciphered for the resulting utilization of scoring for ICO and blockchain projects.

The rating drawing techniques by Neironix make it conceivable to recognize a gathering of factors having sway on the unwavering quality and investment solidness of an ICO venture. The rating targets additionally incorporate recognizing the soundness of such conditions and assessing their relationship with different parameters being referred to.


Neironix venture is one of a kind as far as total advantages and open doors for cryptocurrency market players and has no equivalents in blockchain market. The benefits are numerous over other platforms. These are;

☆Historical record
☆Information transparency
☆Neironix as end product
☆Team uniqueness
☆Neironix develops standards of cryptocurrency market
☆Time advance
☆Online data investigation
☆Online tracking


Neironix Ecosystem depends on an arrangement of tools – flows of content and information intended for use in activities with cryptoassets and choice of ICO projects for investments. The key target audience of Neironix incorporates private and professional investors, and cryptocurrency institutes and ICO projects.

Undertaking profit

The incomes of the undertaking are framed out of the two key constituent components – installment for membership services at the tax picked, and commercial incomes.

Tax strategy for membership: The membership for access to Neironix is required to be given based on 3 duty designs. The installments for each levy can be affected in BTC, ETH or classic fiat cash.

Advertising incomes: The cost for buy of commercial and informational services on the Neironix platform will be shaped with the circumstance in cryptocurrency market considered. The installment for advertising services will be acknowledged in NRX tokens as it were. The quantity of NRX tokens decided for every particular administration is the key to getting this administration. To buy the services, the sponsor needs to purchase out tokens either by means of the keen contract at Token Sale arrange, or from investors – token holders – in the open market.

Issue of NRX Tokens

We play out our very own Token Sale as a strategy for pulling in elective investments, for quick advancement and scaling of Neironix platform. For this reason, we issue our very own Utility token, NRX, on Ethereum blockchain platform, ERC20 standard. The shortened documentation for Neironix token is NRX.

♢Issue of NRX comprises of 140,000,000 tokens, while extra issues are not imagined.
♢The aggregate sum of assets raised – $31,000,000 at the pertinent conversion scale of USD/ETH right now of sale (68% of the issue’s esteem).
♢After the end of Token Sale, all tokens unsold are scorched.
♢The estimation of one NRX token: 1 NRX = 0.001061571 ETH.
♢Negligible sum for a Token Sale member: 0.1 ETH.
♢Cash acknowledged: ETH, BT

NRX utility token is utilized in the NEIRONIX ecosystem as an installment medium – the venture’s inward money is required for obtaining every last administration of advertising and informational nature.

The rundown of these services incorporates:

》Premium listing.
》Banner and teaser advertising.
》Publication of press releases and announcements.
》Direct emailing.
》Targeted advertising, and others

Token Economics

It ought to be contemplated that Neironix platform is a working and adaptable business right now of directing Token Sale, as sensible figures and counts affirm the accessibility of audience and interest for services.
We are certain that collapse in the states of constrained discharge is the most transparent and effective financial model guaranteeing the development in estimation of NRX token. For the execution of this model, NEIRONIX brilliant contract imagines consuming with extreme heat 100% of tokens got as installment for informational and advertising services.

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