Introducing S.E.D.O. POW Token

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bring the future about building of ecosystem on management system to make as well with high implementation of technology on system , and then bring the value of quality on ecosystem in future very well, make the best on services about management to all client became a part contribute on this platform , building interaction and transaction control with the best of tech so this is make all condition establish in future ,and then we can provides about circulation condition of management as well in future with high secure and control , great of decentralized network for make ecosystem on management on this platform so this is make overall as well .

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S.E.DO. Pow Token is new of solution about manage on quality on control document management system to make as well with high implementation of technology , on there we can control and build of ecosystem on management to make as well with high performance and team build and developer , and then guaranted of control all fix on about information of data document , so this is make all client comfortable for contribute on this platform , high speed of interaction transaction this is make time efficient in future, good on protection and decentralized of network of this platform establish .

Tech Implementation 

Perfomance of give the services on management quality of document control system as well because on S.E.D.O Pow Token high implementation of technology , all ecosystem establish for management , infrastructructure and integration of technologies as well and establish , and then with blockchain technology make all condition of transaction and acceleration as well , so this is make growing in future with high demand.

Advantages of S.E.D.O Pow Token

Guaranteed about management of fix and control of document of work , and then have a fast on system transaction , make growing of ecosystem about quality on manage document system to make as well , for all costumer getting new experience because on there we can getting offering about bonus system for network by Proof Of Stake Algorithm , so this is make growing of demand about this Platform .

Feature of S.E.D.O Pow Token 

  1. System transparency
  2. Manage and keep control for all document as well 
  3. High Implementation of technology 
  4. Reduce on printing , postages, fee ,and shipping
  5. High secure
  6. Save on time and money
  7. Establish of system about on management as well in future
  8. Support for all client for learn and knowledge became to contribute


Hasil gambar untuk sedo pow token bounty

Detail Of SEDO TOKEN : 

  • Token name    : SEDO 
  • Total Supply    : 50,000,000 SEDO 
  • Block reward   : 25 SEDO 
  • Block time       : 10 Minutes
  • GPU & CPU Mineable : Unique miner
  • Difficulty Readjustment : every 1024 Blocks
  • Developer funds : 1,000,000 SEDO
  • Based technologies : OXBITCOIN

Miner Sofware :


Mining Pools : 


The new of experience on building of quality on architecture , and building of performance quality to make as well , with high implementation of tech .


detail of Modules 

  • Core ( SEDO Core ) , make condition of all basic functionality system to make as well and good on control interaction 
  • SEO Temporarily Storage (STS ) control of all save and transfer of document on platform by P2P Protocol system 
  • SEDO Services Bus (SSB) , make control on integration and building of system interaction to make as well 
  • EDMS (SDMS ) building of all functional system about control and management system on document  as well .








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