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SportsFix is decentralized sports streaming platform with blockchain technology. With the use of technology blockchain then the platform will more reliably SportsFix and transparent. SportsFix using smart contracts at network ethereum. SportsFix is a revolutionary digital sports content with blockchain technology. SportsFix platform allows media rights for sports content rights investments micro.

SportsFix combines content Netflix with blockchain so that changing the way fans connect to media content sports. Fans can participate and get involved in their clubs and leagues in the economy with a digital transaction using intelligent blockchain contract.Sports industry data show that 90% of the fan vote moved and can not access the content of their favorite sports. Only 10% of those in the broadcast to sports fans. About 4.7 billion people watching at least 1 match sports.


Many of the problems in the face on the current sports streaming platform, among which are:

  • The distribution system is not transparent and nonsense impressed.
  • Do the manufacturer’s markup, packaging and artificial price
  • Using a system of redistribution of income of the centralized system of income redistribution & centrally.
  • Fans of the move have limited access to content directly from their favorite team
  • The Club supported no direct involvement with their fans.


  • SportsFix provides solutions networking stadium decentralized digital will help fans is directly connected with the game.
  • Supporters can open the content of the sport and their favorite product features.
  • Many of the cool features that can be selected by fans while watching the game.
  • Fans will only pay for what they watch.
  • Favorite sports clubs could do interaction and identify and reward for their loyal fans who are active on the stadium digitally.

The Advantages Of The Platform’s Digital Stadium

  • You can choose the game you want to watch and can get a token SFT.
  • Buy tickets on the day of the match.
  • Can sign up as a season ticket holder digital (DSP).
  • Can make a one-day match through our partner or club sponsor.
  • There could watch the match with HD quality.
  • Watch the game together and share your comments with the public.
  • You can earn loyalty points and make prediction games as well as creating content which is cool.
  • You can be directly involved with your favorite clubs.
  • Can be identified and awarded with the register as DSP
  • Can access content exclusive to the room lockers, training and more.
  • Watch the game free with the digital Stadium sponsors.
  • Can get a token SF from sponsors to change the admission on the day of the match
  • You can get discounts on your favorite brand’s stuff
  • Develop stale your fans to open special features at every level.

Advantages SportsFix Token

  • SF in the token provided to a limited extent.
  • SportsFix team has experience in the field of sports content and industry over the past 50 years.
  • A platform of digital streaming stadium OTT offering next-generation experience with premium crowdfunding.
  • Token SF design to appreciate and engage end users on the platform of the stadium digitally.Model development of SFT is very dynamic.

SportsFix OTT already is in the market for the streaming platform and has a range of 300 million users in the entire ASEAN market.

Name: SportsFix

The Symbol Token: SFT

Token supply: 800 million SFT

Ethereum Platform: ERC20

Token price: $0.10 USD

Token for sale: 440 million SFT

Time Pre-Sale: 4-8 Week

Pre-order discount Sale: 30-50%

Soft cap: 2 million

Hard cap 37.2 million





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