Introducing the Leap with Alice project; Learning Reinvented

Our current world immerses us in amazing technology. Humans have synthetic organs, cars can effectively drive themselves, and everyone has a computer in their pocket that has 120,000,000 times more computing power than the entirety of the Apollo Moon Mission.

With all of these advancements, in almost every aspect of humanity, why has the way we teach evolved so slowly? Districts and state level education departments have done very little, on a large scale, to augment and update the way that today’s children are educated.

Children and adults alike, regardless of learning disability or sex, should have unrestricted access to learning. Worldwide, children are refused education based off of gender, religion, or their guardian’s political affiliation.

Leap With Alice was born from the frustration of stagnant growth that is the “global education market”. We will deliver the ability to learn to anyone that desires education

Leap With Alice is an augmented reality education tool that uses the security of blockchain paired with the financial freedom of cryptocurrencies. Leap With Alice will utilize the ALICE Token, which will allow teacher-to-teacher payments and much more.

The ALICE Token allows and encourages educators to create and purchase lesson plans on a marketplace without borders. Not only does this allow teachers to earn extra income from their contributions to the Leap With Alice community, but pays 20% of their transaction forward to the Leap With Alice Fund; a collection that cycles back into educators classrooms and their school districts.

But seeing is believing. This is a major part of the approach at Leap With Alice. People learn in different ways, some may be book readers while others need a live demonstration to grasp concepts. The beauty of Leap With Alice is that it allows for all types of learning to be used at once.

Leap With Alice creates a world where students learn through innovation and educators earn through imagination. The free augmented reality creation suite (Alice Labs™) allows educators to bring everyday lesson plans to life, transforming standard lesson plans into an immersive learning experience. Just as easily as today’s social media applications allow you to augment your daily life, Leap With Alice provides simple features for enhancing the learning experience. Leap With Alice empowers educators with the ability to target unique learning abilities, such as dyslexia or ADHD, through personalized and engaging content. Individual strengths are harnessed, showcasing every student’s educational superpower.

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